The Arizona Theatre Company scores big in it’s newest release, with “Emma” entertaining audiences with plenty of comedy, a well done script and superior acting. 

One of Jane Austen’s most enchanting heroines comes to life in this lavish new large-scale musical from Paul Gordon, the Tony Award-nominated composer of “Daddy Long Legs’ and “Jane Eyre.’

 Emma Woodhouse firmly believes herself to be a talented matchmaker, so she chooses her hapless friend Harriet as her next project. Yet despite Emma’s obsession with romance, she remains clueless to the true desires of her own heart. Her meddling leads to a whirlwind of comic complications and, of course, true love.

Emma is played beautifully by Anneliese Van Der Pol, who is witty, has a great voice and brings a little bit of magic to a well-designed stage.

Emma is busy trying to find Harriet a “proper” suitor while ignoring all the signs of true love for her friend and for herself.

Pol is surrouned by a superior cast that delivers a well-written script perfectly.




Jane Austen’s “Emma”hosted by ATC

What: Arizona Theatre Company’s musical “Jane Austen’s Emma.”

When: Performances will continue through Dec. 22. For showtimes, visit

Where: Temple of Music and Art, 

330 S. Scott Ave.

Tickets: $32-$89

Reservations: 622-2823

Running time: About 2 hours,

20 minutes with one intermission.

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