Review: You’re Next – Sick and twisted fun
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I was dreading seeing this movie, another home invasion slasher-flick, that was originally on the festival circuit two years ago. It is a late-summer release that was sure to be just another glob of bloody goo slopped into the horror genre’s chum bucket. But, wow, was I shocked at how much fun I had watching this movie. You’re Next surprisingly turned out to be one of the best movie experiences I’ve had so far this year.

I’ve long moved past being entertained by watching people gruesomely murdered in movies, and I still feel very uncomfortable sitting in a dark theater where audience members are actually applauding these acts. I’m sure this macabre enthusiasm says something disturbing about the human condition, but nevertheless, there is still plenty to legitimately cheer about in You’re Next. Like the fact that director Adam Wingard and writer Simon Barrett have successfully turned the slasher genre on its head and given it a good beating with a tenderizing hammer.

The less you know about this movie going into it, the more you are going to enjoy it, so I’m not going to spoil anything for you here – and don’t let anyone else spoil it for you either. All I’ll say is that it is about a well-to-do family having a reunion at their isolated and palatial country estate when the party is disrupted by evil men wearing animal masks.

The set-up sounds like your typical killer-meets-family affair, but Simon Barrett’s honest dialogue perfectly captures the dysfunctional family dynamic, then takes you places you never imagined, while still paying loving homage to the worn-out genre.

The script does have a couple of minor bumps, like an expository line about how easy it is to get a cell-phone jamming device, but I’m not certain whether these little glitches are missteps or just being intentionally spoofy. The rest of the writing is so good that I’m willing to give Barrett the benefit of the doubt.

You’re Next falls into the “instant classic” category and Australian actress Sharni Vinson is sure to go down in cinematic history with the likes of “scream queens” Jamie Lee Curtis and Neve Campbell. I’m not sure why this film took so long to be nationally distributed, but don’t let that hiccup prevent you from seeing it, and congratulations to Lionsgate for finally getting it out there.

If you are squeamish, be warned, there is lots of twisted and gruesome violence in this film, as well as some gratuitous nudity and at least one bold scene that is as sick as it is funny. If very dark comedy is your thing, you are most likely going to love this movie.

As I can’t get into details regarding this film, all I can say is, see it, and do it before your friends spoil it for you – you’ll be glad you did. 

Grade: 8/10

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