Easton Corbin

Country singer Easton Corbin performs one of his top hits at the Marana Health Center Saturday evening.

J.D. Fitzgerald/The Explorer

Easton Corbin is making a lot of good decisions these days. Luckily for country fans, one of those is to take part in his first-ever Country Thunder concert in Florence this April.

Corbin, who goes on stage Friday, April 11 at 7 p.m., isn’t new to Arizona though, having performed at several festivals and concerts, including a show last year at the Marana Health Center.

“There are some great fans out there, I love it,” Corbin said about what keeps drawing him back to Arizona.

Corbin was the 2010 ACM winner of Single by a Breakthrough Artist and Music Video by a Breakthrough Artist (each for “A Little More Country Than That”), and his career has only continued in the right direction with later hits like “Roll With It,” “I Can’t Love You Back,” “Lovin’ You is Fun,” and “All Over the Road.”

With so many hits to pick from, Corbin said if he had to choose a favorite song of his, he would go back to his roots.

“I’d have to say, “It’s a Little More Country Than That,” said Corbin. “That’s the one that got me started.”

Now Corbin has released another hit that he’ll no doubt show off as he steps on stage in Florence.

It’s called “Clockwork.”

“I’m really proud of this song,” said Corbin. “I think it shows growth as an artist. It’s a little bit different melodically, and a little bit different sound than what I think people may be used to from me, but I think that’s a good thing. It still has that traditional country tug to it.”

The song looks at the habitual, sometimes damaging effects that relationships can have on people.

“It’s about that person in your life that has a spell on you,” said Corbin. “You know they’re not good for you, but you make that call to let them back in your life.”

While it’s clear Corbin is meant for the music industry, what some may not know about the superstar is that he has an agribusiness degree, loves kayaking, and considers himself a “history nerd.”

The Florida-native has also been keeping up with the NCAA tournament, where his team – you guessed it, the Florida Gators, is currently one of the favorites to take down the tournament.

So close to visiting Arizona, whose Wildcats team is still alive and well in the tournament, Corbin asks for a lenient crowd.

“I don’t wanna get booed,” Corbin joked.

And he surely won’t.

More information on Corbin can be found on his website at http://eastoncorbinfans.com/home.

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