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Singer Aaron Lewis performed at the Fox Theatre last week.

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Many know Aaron Lewis as the lead singer for the multi-platinum rock group Staind that has been performing together since 1995.  But, most are not aware that from an early age Lewis has always had strong country ties since being raised on the likes of Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings. 

Lewis released his first country EP, “Town Line”, in March of 2011, and then released his first full-length album, “The Road”, in September 2012.

The road Lewis recently journeyed brought him to Fox Theatre, located in downtown Tucson, where fans of all ages and musical likes came out to see him strum his guitar and sing Staind favorites, his newly released country album, as well as a cover song or two from the likes of Jeffrey Steele, Alice in Chains, Bob Seger and Prince.  

Lewis came on stage a little after 8:30 p.m. with a full country band and started the night off with the song titled “The Story Never Ends”. After playing six more country tracks the band exited the stage and Lewis was standing in the center with the spotlight on nothing but him and his guitar.  At that point, the audience started to cheer as Lewis started to play acoustic songs from previous Staind Albums as well as cover songs such as ‘She’s all Lady” a Jamey Johnson cover, “What Hurts The Most”, a Jeffrey Steele cover and  “Rooster” a Alice in Chains cover.  

The most touching performance of the night was his acoustic performance of the song “Zoe Jane”, which was written and recorded for Lewis’s oldest daughter Zoe.  As Lewis belted out the lyrics you could feel the amount of love he has for his daughter as well as see all of the passion and energy he puts behind all of his music.    

After Lewis was done with his solo performance his band came back onstage and they went back to performing songs from his full-length country album “The Road”.  Before playing “Endless Summer” Lewis paused and said “I finally wrote a happy/feel good song, hope everyone enjoys it”. Lewis ended his first set with a country version of “It’s Been A While”, which took the song to an entire new level, making you feel every lyric and musical instrument played throughout your entire body.  

After the music stopped, Lewis walked off stage, making the entire audience get on their feet and ask for more.  A couple of minutes went by and Lewis was back on stage by himself strumming his guitar to Bob Seger’s “Turn the Page” and then went into the all-time Staind favorite “Outside” and eventually ended the night a little after 10:30 p.m. with his first country single “Country Boy.”

Lewis did not disappoint and anyone who has not had the chance to see him live and within an intimate theatre such as the Fox Theatre should definitely put it on his or her bucket list.  

For more information on Aaron Lewis, visit aaronlewismusic.com. To see more on upcoming shows at the Fox Theatre, visit them at www.foxtucsontheatre.org.

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OMG you are seriously not reporting the truth about this concert. Fox refused to control several drunk patrons which ruined the concert for everyone in such a small venue. The manager was a complete jerk when I complained. I am shocked no one got hurt. I go to a lot of concerts and will never again give my money to a venue that is so incompetent. I would rather drive to Phx. Were you even there?


OMG Wow complete lack of reporting about the lack of security at FOX which ruined the concert for everyone. Fox payroll? Were you even there?

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