Channing Tatum in "Magic Mike"

If you’re planning to see “Magic Mike” with a vision of nothing but stripping, and a cheesy plot, you will be thoroughly disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of bare-chested hot men ripping off their pants and dancing, but “Magic Mike” is full of emotion, plot and does make you think throughout.

Before really getting into the movie, I’ve got to set up the scene a little here. We went up the escalators to the theater and turned a corner, and all I can say is it was pure chaos. There were women everywhere. The gate opens and these women proceed to make a mad dash for the theater.

Inside, we began counting, and found that there were a handful of men at this movie, and a lot of screaming women. Once the lights went down and something came on the screen, most of the audience began screaming and whistling, the preview was for the “Exorcisist,” screaming died down quickly once they realized.

Then, finally, it begins and there is Dallas (played by Matthew McConaughey) standing on stage, leather outfit that million-dollar smile, and a very happy theater audience.

What “Magic Mike” did accomplish was showing that Channing Tatum is more than being about his looks, he can act. Tatumis Magic Mike, and entrepreneur who at 30 is still trying to accomplish his dream of making and selling unique furniture. With some problems with the bank, he tries making his money through construction, detailing and his big-money making job at night as a stripper.

The movie is directed wonderfully by Steven Soderbergh. While fiction, Soderbergh took the concept and some of the ideas from Tatum’s true-life experiences as a stripper.

Soon, Mike recruits The Kid (played by Alex Pettyfer). The Kid is 19, out of work and has no direction. He soon finds the direction he wants through stripping after being thrust on the stage one night to finish out a show. The Kid soon finds himself seduced by the glamour, money and drugs, going from the shy and innocent to the cocky troublemaker.

While it may not be what you are expecting, “Magic Mike” is worth seeing for the plot and emotion.

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