Los Lobos
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Armed with a 40-year repertoire, and at times, accompanied by about 30 school children, Los Lobos played the Rialto Theater on April 25.

After local band Chicha Dust did a rousing job of warming up the crowd, the audience was treated to Bulldog Mariachi Folklorico. Representing White Elementary School, in the Midvale Park neighborhood, the children were invited by Los Lobos to perform through the efforts of teacher and Mariachi founder Bill Mark. A fan of the band, Mark contacted their booking agent to invite Los Lobos to visit him and his students at White Elementary.

Unable to arrange the time at the school, the band reciprocated by inviting Bulldog to perform at the Rialto show. After a very well-performed 15 minutes of traditional Mariachi music and Folklorico dance, the children were joined on stage by the members of Los Lobos for a collaboration that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

The multi-Grammy winning Los Lobos took the stage and spent the next two hours taking the audience on a 40-year musical journey. The crowd danced, sang and just stood and listened as the band performed songs from their catalog including "Will the Wolf Survive", "Shakin' Shakin' Shakes" and "The Neighborhood". Toward the end of the set Bulldog Mariachi Folklorico rejoined their gracious hosts on stage for several more traditional Mariachi numbers. After leaving the stage at about eleven thirty the band was coaxed out for an encore that ended with their number one hit "La Bamba" at midnight.

Over the years Los Lobos has become a very comfortable band. They come in without a set list and proceed to play Rock, Latin, Blues and Swing with the same result, a satisfied audience. They never seem to disappoint and this show was no different.

Also, I would like to take the time to personally thank Los Lobos for taking the time help encourage and cultivate some of our local aspiring musicians. Los Lobos understands the importance of music in a child's life and are willing to do their part to help them realize their dreams. Not everyone would be so generous.

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