Kiss of the Vampire

“Kiss of the Vampire.”

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Imagine a world where vampires, shape-shifters, werewolves and demons not only exist, but have fought for their rights to become citizens and cautiously accepted members of society. Also imagine that they aren’t mystical creatures, but instead from other worlds, only accessing Earth through a rift that opens once every generation. They enter, they take over humans to live within our forms and their agendas?

Well, it depends on the creature.

This is the theory behind Cynthia Garner’s Warriors of the Rift series, which begins with the clever Kiss of the Vampire. Heroine Nix  de la Fuente is part human and part demon. Her mother was a succubus who loved and then destroyed her father. Nix was left to be raised by a human grandmother who despised her. This left her conflicted and terrified that the demon part of her will one day take over completely, driving her mad. 

The way she’s coped is to become a cop of sorts, investigating crimes that link the paranormal and human worlds. When a series of creatures, including a friend of Nix’s, are murdered, perhaps with demon involvement, her world is turned upside down.   

Enter Tobias Caine, a sort of rift cop sent through years ago to find a brutal assassin. He also happens to be an ex-lover of Nix’s. They are forced to work together as they look into the string of murders and of course sparks are bound to fly. But will they uncover the sinister truth behind the murders? Or will it all be too late?

Garner is a local author and the book is set in the Phoenix and Tucson areas, so locals will smile as they “see” some familiar territory. The book is well-written, unique and oh-so-sexy. I can’t wait to read the next in her series.

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