Books for the young adult audience have always had their own charm and adult fans, but recently it seems that many have taken off and found mainstream success that goes far beyond a teen audience. The next one to do that may just be “Flicker” by Melanie Hooyenga.

Heroine Biz is an average high schooler. She has a great best friend, she sometimes struggles with her grades and she’s just starting a relationship with a boy who is her lifelong friend. Her dad suffers from what everyone calls epilepsy, but otherwise, life is pretty normal.

Except for one thing. Biz can use the sunlight to go back in time 18 hours. It’s just enough time to fix an argument with a friend, cheat on a test or relive a great moment. The consequences are horrible headaches and it often happens without her wanting it to, but she lives with the power and takes advantage of it when she can.

But when someone starts kidnapping young girls in her town, Biz begins to wonder if her power can do more than just help her on math tests. Could she really do something amazing? And will she survive it if she tries?

Biz is a likeable character with enough conflict about her powers to make her utterly believable. Most teens feel different… she really is. Hooyenga does an admirable job with the wonder and horror that comes with a young woman both embracing and rejecting who she is. The secondary cast of characters is also really great and there’s a twist at the end that will have readers breathless.

There is some minor sexuality and one scene of underage drinking, but nothing that should turn anyone away. All in all, it’s a terrific book for adults and their teens and I give it a highly recommended 4.5 stars.

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