Savor Southern Arizona Food and Wine Festival
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Restaurants continue to open around every corner downtown and throughout the Tucson, and most have made a commitment to support local and environmentally-friendly food within their recipes and concepts.

With this rapid growth in slow food, many people have not even experienced the fruits of city’s culinary prestige. Now is the time to Savor.

Savor Southern Arizona Food and Wine Festival

Indulge in the flavors of Southern Arizona’s culinary arts during the first annual Savor Southern Arizona Food and Wine Festival on Saturday, Feb. 1 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Surrounded by the colorful floral blooms of the Tucson Botanical Gardens, the event will feature up to 40 of the regions finest chefs and local restaurants as well as the localists’ favorites in specialties like wine, beer, cheese and coffee.

Also presented by Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance and Local First Arizona, the event showcases local curators and purveyors who support the Arizona food, wine and restaurant industries. Attendees will have the chance to partake in innovative culinary demonstrations, meet top chefs and restaurateurs as well as taste an enormous array of culinary excellence from the region’s best chefs, restaurants, local food artisans, brewers and vintners.

The city is home to nine local breweries (and counting), dozens of restaurants featured in international publications, award-winning local wineries and trendy dessert specialty shops.

Although numerous culinary events exist in the city, none match this combination of beautiful setting, local emphasis and food artisan treasures.

Savor will include Tucson gems like Acacia Real Food + Cocktails, Agustin Brasserie, Brushfire BBQ, Café Botanica, Fini's Landing, Tavolino and many more.

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