Dolphin Tale

In a “Dolphin Tale,” a group of strangers, led by actors Harry Connick Jr. and Morgan Freeman come together to save Winter, a dolphin that lost her tail in a crab trap. The inspiring true story is worth the cost of a DVD rental.

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There are few movies that can hold a child’s attention all the way through, much less several children at the same time. However, it was amazing to see not one, not two, but three children sit quietly all the way through “Dolphin Tale.”

The children ranged between three, six, and a four-year-old, who even shed a tear as she watched the group of dedicated, caring people work to solve the dolphin’s problems.

It’s hard to understand how this heartwarming tale, that is a true story, isn’t doing so well in DVD rentals. It is definitely worth the money, and had I known how good it was, I would have taken the kids to see it in the theater.

“Dolphin Tale” is about a group of strangers who come together to save a dolphin’s life after she severely damages her tail in a crab trap. She is rescued and transported to the Clearwater Hospital, where she is named Winter.

Unlike most family films today, “Dolphin Tale” has substance, which is why the children remained interested.

After the beached dolphin is hospitalized, Sawyer (Nathan Gamble) becomes her friend. Sawyer is the lonely child of single mom (Ashley Judd), and somehow finds a way to connect with Winter.

With Sawyer being Winter’s support system, a marine biologist (Harry Connick Jr.) continues to worry about the dolphin’s prognosis until (Morgan Freeman), a prosthetics doctor at a nearby veteran’s hospital, gets involved.

Without a tail, Winter struggles throughout the movie, and Freeman works tirelessly to not only find a tail that works, but also one Winter will agree to wear. Winter is played by the actual dolphin.

As each new prosthetic fails, you find yourself rooting for Winter, and hoping for the her survival, while hoping there is enough time with the Clearwater Hospital facing financial struggles, and many people resting their hopes on the facility staying open.

If I had any complaints about the film, it would be that the director took focus off of Winter’s plight to add more drama to the movie. It seemed like the multiple crisis and drama added to the two-hour flick was a little unnecessary.

The movie could have survived on its own merits by only focusing on Winter. Every time Winter is onscreen, myself and the children were rooting for the dolphin to beat the odds and survive even without a tail.

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