Dwight Yoakam
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While there were some technical issues at the start of the show, it didn’t take long for country star Dwight Yoakam to get the crowd excited at the Fox Theater last week in Tucson.

Yoakam took the stage for the first time around 8:30 p.m., following the opening act, Tommy Ash Band. With a strong lead singer who had a June Carter quality, she knocked a rendition of “Jolene” out of the water. 

The Tommy Ash Band finished a seven-song set with the Johnny Cash favorite, “Folsom Prison.”

As Yoakam took the stage, it was clear there were technical difficulties, requiring a nearly 30-minute delay.

After returning to stage, is was all of the favorites that has made Yoakam popular throughout his singing and movie career.

Yoakam, who delivered in the intimate setting, sang for nearly two hours, all the while pleasing the crowd with his signature kick and hip swivel in his skinny boot-cut jeans.

While Yoakam did plenty of the classics, he also introduced some new music from his new album “3 Pears” released by Warner Bros. Records in September.

While the start was rough, the intimate setting of the venue made for a memorable experience.

Throughout the month of February, Fox Theater has booked plenty of shows, including Wynonna & The Big Noise on Feb. 15, the John Pizzarelli Quartet on Feb. 16, George Kahumoku on Feb. 21, Barbara Cook on Feb. 22, The Oscar Experience on Feb. 24, and Bob Weir – Solo Acoustic with special guest Johnathan Wilson on Feb. 27.

For more information, contact the Fox Theater at 547-3040.

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