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Apple pie with ice cream was the perfect ending to a good meal at Harvest in Oro Valley.

Thelma Grimes/The Explorer

Oro Valley’s Harvest Restaurant fell under new ownership in October, and after nearly six months of Reza and Lisa Shapouri setting the menu for both lunch and dinner, it was time to test the food.

First, we tried lunch. With two coworkers, we set out for a tasty, relaxing lunch. Harvest was definitely a good choice. The atmosphere is excellent, and the food was even better.

While one coworker had a salad, the other two of us decided to go bigger, ordering the two burger selections on the menu. We were both pleased, especially me.

I ordered the “Brandy Burger,” which consisted of grass-fed natural beef topped with Gruyere cheese, organic field greens, tomatoes and house-made brandy sauce served on a brioche bun. At $10, the burger was cooked perfectly at medium rare, and that brandy sauce made it worth the cost. With the house-made French fries, I was happy. The fries were the right amount of crispy, and were creamy inside. Best fries I’ve had in a while.

For dinner, the family and I set out to taste multiple dishes on the menu. Starting with appetizers, we ordered bruschetta ($8), grilled brie ($8) and coconut shrimp ($9). The coconut shrimp was popular, but we also enjoyed the creamy Brie spread on a crostini along with raisins that were soaked in brandy, paired with some brown sugar and a splash of vinegar.

Being a huge fan of bruschetta, I was somewhat disappointed in Harvest’s dish. While the house-made mozzarella was great, I could have done without the pesto, and would have enjoyed more balsamic vinegar.

For the main course, my daughter as the Lobster Mac ‘n Cheese ($19.50), my husband had the braised short ribs ($16.50) and I had a tough choice between the diver scallops ($19.50) and the tenderloin medallions ($19.50).

I went with the tenderloin medallions, which were cooked nicely, and had a good flavor. I also enjoyed whipped gold potatoes, grilled asparagus and bleu cheese demi.

The lobster dish was also good, but the lobster was a little overcooked, and it was a big dish that my daughter could not finish, even with us stealing bites.

As if we weren’t full enough from the generous portions, we decided to take on dessert.

I had the Dutch caramel apple pie ($6), my husband had the carrot cake ($6) and my daughter tried the red velvet cheesecake ($6).

Overall the desserts were good, the apple pie was baked in a vodka infused pastry crust, and with a scoop of ice cream was very tasty. I asked them to drizzle caramel to add that special touch apple pie needs.

We were a little disappointed in the cheesecake. It was served too cold, and would have probably been better if served more at room temperature.

If I had any real complaints about Harvest it would be the wait staff. There were some issues with both lunch and dinner. Dishes weren’t cleared very quickly, it took some time to order even our drinks for dinner and at lunch, and I was given my soup after they had already served my burger, even though I asked for it before the meal.

In all, I would say Harvest is worth a try. The food is good, the atmosphere is great and service issues may be chalked up to the wait staff being busy.


10355 N. La Cañada Dr.

Reservations at 731-1100

Rating: ★★★

Lunch: $8 - $10

Dinner: $9.50 - $19.50

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