Planet of the Crepes

A crepe from “Planet of the Crepes.”

Heidi Jaenicke/Explorer intern

The atmosphere and energy of a food establishment makes or breaks the experience for diners. One eatery that offers a distinctive and innovative approach to serving food is Planet of the Crepes. By showcasing unique and delectable crepes for their customers, this food truck has created a strong following in the Tucson community. 

This restaurant on wheels is located throughout various parts of town during the week, they especially like to park at local farmers markets and business centers.

On my first visit, I arrived at the Sunday Heirloom Farmers Market where they set up from 8 a.m.-noon on River and Campbell situated in the southwest corner of St. Phillips Plaza. With the farmers market coming to a close and the vendors wrapping up their goods, I headed towards a food truck that’s known for dishing out classic French crepes with a twist.

Having a hand-written menu casually placed against the mid-section of the food truck, one can immediately value the time and effort put into the quality menu items. With an enormous amount of pressure from the line of people, the food tickets pilling up and the lack of space confining the employees, one can also appreciate the passionate crew working diligently for their customers.

As my turn in line quickly came up, I still was unsure of what I was going to order off the menu. Luckily for me there was an extremely attentive and friendly employee waiting to greet me. She was very helpful, being able to suggest items, talk in depth about the ingredients and offer advice on what crepe would suit me best. I finally decided to order the vegetarian crepe ($6.59). 

While the staff was very courteous and attentive, their positive attitude wasn’t capable of distracting me from the extremely long wait I had to endure. After patiently waiting for more than 30 minutes, I received my order at last. At this point, my annoyance and hunger was at an all-time high as I was more than ready to finally collect my crepe and eat it.

Wrapped neatly together in a parchment paper cone my veggie loaded crepe was colorful and aesthetically appealing to the eye. Biting into the warm crepe instantly contented my food craving. The delicate flavors of the sautéed vegetables, warm cheese and tender crepe melded together beautifully. Finishing up my artesian crepe I was satisfied, but not weighed down by my meal. Unfortunately, even with my appetite filled and my taste buds delighted I was still quite upset as to how long it took for me to receive my meal. 

That’s why I decided to make another trip to Planet of the Crepes, this time I headed to the Heirloom Farmers Market located at La Cañada and Naranja, outside the Oro Valley Town Hall where they set up shop from 8 a.m.-noon.

Having my last experience of the drastic wait still fresh in the back of my mind, I was a bit hesitant to order another crepe from here. Luckily, to my surprise, my doubts were laid to rest when I experienced extreme efficiency and top-notch service.

This time I was even more impressed by the productivity and professionalism expressed by the one employee working that day. The woman on staff was able to take my order, prep my meal and deliver the warm crepe in my hands all in less than ten minutes. 

Though this time my crepe wasn’t as attractive as my last order, it made up for looks in its complexity and richness in taste. For those who are interested in trying something different I recommend the duck and fig crepe ($9) loaded with seared duck breast, Manchego cheese, fig jam and slivered almonds. This crepe not only was able to fill my stomach it also did a wonderful job of pleasing my palate while offering crunch, sweetness, creaminess and hearty meaty flavors all into one bite.

While it was unfortunate to experience such a long wait time on my first visit, having tried there food a second time I would say this place definitely redeemed themselves. Planet of the Crepes is a one of a kind food truck that offers impeccable crepes at an affordable price, this eatery is a food lover’s dream come true and is something Tucson should savor.

Planet of the Crepes location and hours vary week by week, for more information visit their website at

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