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John Flanagan

I usually don't see many movies these days. Most of them turn out a bit different than the preview of coming attractions or printed reviews in the papers. The reason I see few movies is because they are often mostly about violence, sex, profanity, and political messaging. The worldview of many producers, directors, screenwriters, and actors is certainly amoral, tilted to the political left, anxious to portray homosexuals, lesbian amazons, feminist heroines, dysfunction in its' many forms, and Hollywood's version of a happy ending is either depressing, sordid, or total rubbish.
Regarding "The Big Wedding,", well, my wife and I talked about it and decided to see it. So we drove to the nearby Oro Valley Marketplace theatre on a Monday night, secured our tickets (Senior discounts...of course!) and joined not more than six other older couples inside. Part of the fixed routine of movie nights is to spend fifteen minutes enduring loud previews which nearly tumble you out of your seat, and the noise levels can be unnerving for the old folks, especially for those seen adjusting the volume on their hearing aids.
The movie turned out to be worse than imagined but hopefully not representative of most American families these days. The language between family members was vulgar and profane at all times, with no character able to string an intelligent sentence together without using the "F" word as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb,or preposition.
Everywhere there is sexual situations, and I guess, considered humorous to the writers and even actors themselves. Somehow, the movie, since it falls short as a comedy, also fails as social commentary. It will be a long time before I see another movie. Back to TCM, and movies with the old actors, who at least portrayed their roles with class. And the writers and directors of old were better at their craft then the profane bunch who replaced them today.

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