Artur Penha Soares will be performing November 30, through December 2, 2012 (Friday. 7-PM; Saturday, Sunday. 4-6PM) at the Christ Community Church Worship Center.


Meet: Artur Penha Soares (Composer, Pianist, Conductor, and more; of Brasilia. Brazil)


Nick Coventry, Violin

Alex Cardon, Violin

Rebecca Lennon. Viola

Michael (.;. Ronstad r. Cello

Lauren Jones, Cello

Daniel Mkndosa. Bass

Christ Community Church Worship Center (Seating for 1200 people: on W. side of Pantano. just S of Uhl) 7801 IE. Kenyon Dr.. lesson. AZ 85710; rd. 520-296-8501 


Three Thoroughly Romantic Programs:

Piano Trio (No. 2, D929, Op. 100, [E1'10], e.1828).; Piano, Violin, & Cello Franz Schubert (1797 - 1828) Violin, Alex; Viola, Nick (Mvts. I & II); Viola, Becky (Mvts. III & IV); Cello, Michael.

(INTERMISSION, Sunday only)

Piano Quartet (No. 3, Op 129, [Em], c.182011822)*; Piano, Violin, Viola, & Cello .... Ferdinand Ries (1704- 1838) Violin, Nick; Viola, Becky; Piano, Artier; Cello, Michael. [We do not know when or if this has ever been performed. The score has been reconstructed tbr these performances.]

Trio [FM]; Violin, Viola, Cello Artur Penha Soares (1984 - ) Violin, Alex; Viola, Becky; Cello, Lauren. (Premiered 10 May 2009 in (Iradea, Romania.'

Sextet [GM & Em]; 2 Violins, Viola, 2 Cellos, & Bass Artur Penha Soares Violin I, Nick; Violin II, Alex; Viola, Becky; Cello I. Michael; Cello 2, Lauren; Double Bass, Daniel. 'Premiering Friday evening.)


*The Ries Piano Quartet in E minor will not be played Friday evening, and the Schubert Trio in e Major will not be played Saturday evening; but both are on the Sunday program. Please come early for easier parking and good seating. We thank you for your contributions, which will be used 1) first to recover direct costs and then, if possible, 2)10 help support the careers of these fine musicians.

Program details subject to change.

Please visit to download latest revisions of this program.

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