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Find a better focus

Now that Prop. 454 has gone down in flames, maybe it’s time for the Oro Valley council to apply the old “cure it or kill it” rule to the fitness center. There are more than 2000 of us who want this facility to succeed, but somehow, and for some strange reasons, the bulk of the monies spent go into golf and tennis. And there’s a whole lot more of us than there are of them. Enough with that.  

We’re tired of the stinky, fungus factories of inadequate toilets and showers, carpet from the Nixon administration, exercise equipment and antiquated machines that pre-date the Apollo Program, and dry-saunas originally used by Buffalo Bob when he was in the BBQ biz. Pretty soon people are going to have to get reservations for their floor space in the yoga classes. 

Moreover, the working parents of Oro Valley deserve better for their kids during summer and holidays, than the cooped-up, 20x20x40 decaying racquetball courts, used as some kind of tortured throwback to a 1963 “Camp Granada” experience. Jeez, gimme a break.

Oro Valley is better than this. Or maybe it’s just you guys aren’t.

—Bill Sellers


Note to council

The lopsided vote on the Naranja Park issue should be taken as an indicator by the mayor and town council as to where Oro Valley residents’ interests lie. It seems that they favor continued sustainable growth as opposed to incurring debt for instant gratification. 

Please, Mr. Mayor and council members, continue to do the jobs you have been doing so well, placing Oro Valley high on the list of best towns in America. We have excellent schools, police and fire departments, bike and hiking trails, well maintained roads and a pretty darned good quality of life. 

Do not be led off the path by developers and special interest groups who are only too anxious to throw money at the ballot box to try to fast track their projects. Let’s get those fields built over the next few years for our young athletes. Let’s also figure out how to get out of the mess precipitated by the poorly advised purchase of the golf course and restaurant, and maybe eliminate the resulting sales tax increase. Keep Oro Valley great!

—Rick Driver


Thanks for your support

Parents, grandparents and our business community thank you all for your efforts and support for the kids of Oro Valley! Our kids will go to bed sad or wake up to this bad news, teach them well: tough times don’t last, tough people do!

This was a very tough loss and it just shows where we are as a community. I want to thank our mayor and  council for putting this bond Initiative up for vote from our request. We will regroup and figure out what plan B is for our kids to play ball in their home town of Oro Valley.

Embrace your neighbors.  Don’t hold any animosity.  Everyone has a vote and that is what makes our country so great. Respect one another and let’s move on as a community together!

I always tell our kids: win or lose hold your head high and there is no crying in baseball! Let’s get ready for our next at bat! Thank you all for your support!

—Brian Mitchell

Editor’s note: Brian Mitchell is the chair of the Yes on 454 PAC.


Fix the Naranja Park plan

On Nov. 7  Oro Valley rejected the mayor and council’s $17 million Prop. 454 bond to change Naranja Park into a sports and event venue. 

Not only did a large majority of town voters reject new property taxes, they made a strong statement that Naranja Park is our community park and not a sports and event venue to improve the El Conquistador occupancy rate.

Town officials should revise the park plan subject to resident approval. However, here are my suggestions to fix the park plan:

Shut down the mobile archery ranges and return the 35 acres to desert walking trails for town residents.

Remove the event center and it’s 400 parking spaces.

Drop the plan for a connector road from Naranja Drive through the park to Tangerine road.

Relocate the outdoor performance area to the now empty event center area.

Delete the eighth championship soccer field, and replace it with a skate/bike park and playgrounds.

Move the baseball complex to the south farther away from Tangerine Terrace, adjust access, parking to accommodate. Place the park maintenance area         (with no bright lights) to the north of the baseball complex.

Fund this by ”pay as you go” starting January 2018 by spending the $2 million fiscal year 16/17 surplus to build three little league baseball fields and a restroom/concession structure. 

This approach will continue our successful “pay as you go” build out of the park and address all Oro Valley youth sports needs by the end of next year.

To proceed faster with other park amenities—more playgrounds, the skate/bike park, ramada and improved walking paths, let’s approach town businesses and service clubs to build the “rotary ramada,” name fields, donate batting cages, score boards, fencing, get residents to help with landscaping,  like any other small town in America.

Who knows maybe we could teach the next generation that we can all pitch in as a community and build the park we need and want.

—Jack Stinnett

Editor’s note: Jack Stinnett is associated with the Axe the Tax PAC.

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