As has been previously reported in the Explorer, Mike Zinkin has been pursuing legal action against a number of Oro Valley citizens who were involved with the recent recall effort, including myself.

This frivolous lawsuit was a waste of time and money and was clearly an attempt by Mr. Zinkin to bully and intimidate the citizens of Oro Valley who were exercising their legal rights.

Mr. Zinkin and his small band of followers have continued to spread lies regarding the recent recall effort. They continue to falsely claim that Mayor Hiremath was behind the Zinkin recall effort. The fact is that the Mayor was not behind this effort - I should know, I came up with the idea, formed the PAC and filed the paperwork to initiate the Zinkin recall.

It was Mr. Zinkin himself who actually gave me the idea for the recall in the first place. Zinkin and his gang of supporters tried and failed to have two of our Councilmembers (Joe Hornat & Mary Snider) recalled in 2011.

Apparently, Zinkin and his supports can attempt to use the recall process but when other citizens try to use the exact same process they respond with frivolous lawsuits and intimidation.

The notion that Mr. Zinkin and his supporters want to promote an “atmosphere of civility” is ridiculous. I wonder how Mr. Zinkin can promote such an atmosphere while taking legal action against the very taxpayers he was elected to represent?

We are fortunate to live in one of the best towns in the U.S. and Oro Valley is consistently ranked as one of the safest towns in Arizona thanks to the great work of the brave men and women of the Oro Valley Police Department.

Zinkin and his supporters have a vendetta against the Oro Valley Police Department and if they are able to establish a majority on the town council, they will undermine our police department and public safety will suffer.

Don’t believe the lies that Mr. Zinkin and his misguided minions are spreading ahead of the upcoming election. Check the facts for yourself and if you support our police department and value public safety vote for Mayor Hiremath, Joe Hornat, Mary Snider and Lou Waters.



Kevin Jones,

Oro Valley

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Mr. Jones, thank you so much for submitting this letter. It's important for the citizens of Oro Valley to know the facts. Many people in the community believe the current incumbents were behind the recall, because that's what Zinkin and his friends on council want people to believe. Maybe now they will know the truth and believe otherwise.

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