I'm "K.C." Carter

My given name is Kenneth. I'm a retired Civil Engineer, and I've been a member of the Oro Valley Town Council for 2 years. Without being immodest, I hope you will scan through the programs, projects and issues in which I have been deeply involved and about which I am most proud. I am smack in the middle of some great things which I hope to see yet accomplished.

I hope I am worthy of your trust. I truly believe a unique set of circumstance has prepared me for the apex of my life: Using my training and long experience in the service of the Town we all dearly love.


Laid out, warts and all, for you to examine. I've always believed one has to be up-front, with no hidden agenda, no matter what challenge confronted me. I'm not saying I or my record has been perfect, but my First Concern in considering all facets of all matters: Is my decision going to be (1) The Best Thing for my Neighbors (the Town)? and (2) Is it what THEY want? You can rest assured I will not be silent when I feel strongly about something. I will put my best foot forward, without fear or favor, but this will always be melded with my absolute belief in our democratic process, founded upon the will of the people. If I have anything to say about it, they will be heard and not muzzled!


We must get going on the plans and construction of NARANJA PARK, Steam Pump Ranch Historic Site and the HoneyBee Tohono-O'Odham Historical Preservation site and resolve the Logans Crossing trail issue. We absolutely have to finish the work on our reclaim water system and moreover, we must seek out and enable FUTURE WATER SOURCES. Also important will be obtaining a consensus on the appropriate policies related to Economic Development and development of an overall Facilities Plan for the Town.

I am not a "No-Growther." It is bound to happen. I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR A PROPERTY TAX FOR ORO VALLEY, come what may. The reason for my determination to oppose such a confiscatory measure are multifold and it is unneeded - if we can set and follow a proper, reasonable budget.


Roads & Streets

I worked closely with the engineers, merchants and contractor on a weekly basis to finish the Oracle Road, 1st Ave bridge and Pusch View extension with its new bridge on time and within budget. Work is starting on the water main work on 1st Ave from Lambert to Tangerine prior to the widening of 1st Ave in 2006.

A new path will soon be built along Glover from La Cholla East for students and work is in design for the Glover road-La Cholla intersection. Safety for children is my main concern.

To aid the visitors in Sun City new larger street location signs were placed at all intersections.


It was discovered that the levee along the Big Wash west of the Hospital was not properly constructed. I visited the construction site many times to assure that the soil cement upgrade was being constructed properly with the proper vertical elevations to give a 500 year flood protection.

Our new hospital and doctor's offices are completed and in operation.


Water made great progress this last year. Reclaimed water is now in use on the three large golf courses north of Tangerine Road. Thousands of acre feet of our drinking water have been saved. Design plans are being prepared to hook up golf courses and our park south of Tangerine in the near future.

Drilling of a deep well will start late this month to look for another aquifer of water for our future needs. We will also begin research on proper treatment and use of the CAP water allotted to our use from the canal near I-10 and Tangerine road interchange.

School Safety

Safety improvement projects at busy intersections where school children must cross were high priority projects. New flashing lights are installed and more to follow for alerting drivers at school crossings. Moore Road has one working and also the La Cholla/Glover Road crossing.

Graduation Night school event for both high schools, for which all council people volunteer, has helped save lives on this night when graduates are at high risk.

Land Use

We purchased land along Rancho Vistoso Blvd. for a new town.

The zoning code was modified to cover airports and we have annexed the La

Cholla Air Park.

Development Projects

Many projects and developments are moving forward at a fast pace.

Ventana Medical have started a large expansion of their facilities in Oro Valley.

Steam Pump Village is under way with plans for a hotel. The Steinway Piano Performing Arts center will give GOVAC, schools and others a place for their activities. Oracle Crossing Shopping Center is well under way.

Oro Valley Country Club's new club house is under construction.

Along the north side of Pusch View extension, Kit Donley is building a complex of stores and units at Mercado del Rio Shopping Center.

Library & Parks

The expansion of the library is complete.

For the use of the young and old our Parks and Recreation has received extra money from the new bed tax.

On each project we build, we analyze the connection of our trail system and walking paths. Each year more miles of these units are added.

Holiday Parade

This year we had our first holiday parade and it went over well with a great deal of citizen participation and strong feelings for the 2006 holiday parade. Oro Valley Going Forward is the theme.

Dear Reader: Thank you for your persistence. I want to express my gratitude for your interest in what is going-on and there is plenty - what is the saying "enough for everyone." I hope you will send me back to finish the job.


I agree with Mr. Carter that much has been accomplished in the last two years. I also believe that there are important funding issues on many of the pending projects in Oro Valley. Mr. Carter should spell out his approach to financing these projects.


I must respect Mr. Carter for his straightforward, tell-it-like-you-see-it approach. However, I do not need to see his warts!!

Unfortunately, his essay failed to mention anything about his views on the present fiscal situation or future fiscal situation of our town. I would have thought some mention of this extremely important topic would be on his radar screen and he would share his views with the citizens of Oro Valley. In fact he gave us a grand tour of many of the projects facing the Town but little on his approach to issues.

I do know, based on his comments on January 26, 2006, at the Sun City Candidate Forum that you oppose the Economic Development Agreement entered into by the Town and Vestar. That puts us on opposite sides in this election.


I respect your direct approach; however I find it interesting that you are inspecting construction sites as many times as you state to make sure the engineers, merchants and contractors are performing their jobs.

It is the duty of the council to set policy; and it is the Town Managers job to make sure the department heads are carrying out these policies. It is the responsibility of the Town Engineer's department to inspect construction sites.

You also stated in your essay that the town purchased land along Rancho Vistoso Blvd for a new town. I believe your statement is in error.

We also do not agree on Question # 2. You have said you will vote NO and I said I will vote Yes.

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