Paula Abbott will continue to bring her leadership, experience, integrity and commitment to improve our "Quality of Life" in Oro Valley by planning for our future health, water, safety, education, transportation, economic and environmental needs.Paula and her husband Roger have two sons, Kenny and Kevin, who are students at CDO and Ironwood Ridge High Schools. Paula Abbott is former Vice Mayor of Oro Valley and her husband Roger is an Engineer at Raytheon Missile Systems and a soccer referee for AYSO.

I consider myself to be a strong citizen's advocate and will continue to provide a much needed "VOICE" (on the council) for the growing number of families that are moving to Oro Valley. I am familiar with the issues and challenges that most families face first hand because I am living them. Currently, there are only two out of seven council members who have children still living at home, myself and Mr. Parish.

We need more field space and a Community Center to give our seniors and teens a safe place to recreate and provide much needed meeting/classroom space.

How do we pay for these quality of life issues in our future? The town has recently conducted a survey regarding priorities and funding strategies for the Naranja Town site. We will analyze the survey results to determine what our community's priorities are and explore funding opportunities to achieve our community goals. These are some of the opportunities we should explore to help fund the Naranja Town Site: public/private partnerships; increase bed tax allocation; user fees; increase impact fees and others.

If we annex north, we should consider taking the same bold measures/investment that Marana has taken to help pay for these quality of life items its community wants/needs (by increasing it's impact fees, with growth paying for itself, rather than taxing existing citizens). Interestingly enough, this is not hurting the building industry as Marana has seen a spike in interest from developers who want to build there and homeowners who want to buy. Most homeowners look for things like parks, schools and adequate infrastructure when they buy, as reported in the Explorer, Opinion/Voice 11/2/05, "Need a park? Go to Marana" and 4/13/05 edition "Marana sets highest development impact fees in Southern Arizona: Fees will fund future parks and roadway improvements".

Paula's Credentials:

* 43+ years in Southern Arizona

* 13 year Oro Valley resident

* 3.5 years Oro Valley Town Council

* University of Arizona Alumnus

* Degrees in Mathematics & Psychology / Minor Sociology

Community Involvement / Support for Community

* Spearheaded Oro Valley's First Annual Holiday Parade

* Helped establish Project Graduation; Annual Volunteer

* Initiated the development of Wildlife Ridge Park in Rancho Vistoso

* American Heart Association Heart Ball Volunteer

* United Way Campaign 2000 Associate

* Comcast Cares Day Volunteer

* 12 year Parent Volunteer Copper Creek/Wilson K-8

* Former Copper Creek PTO Vice President/Special Events Coordinator

* Liaison to the Amphitheater School District

Re*Elect Proven Leadership…Accomplishments:

Strong Support for a "Safe" Community:

* Introduced legislation regulating products used to produce Methamphetamine

* Introduced support for Attorney General's Anti Gouging Legislation

* Supported action to protect children from sexually oriented business


Supported Reclaimed Water System

Expanded Coyote Run

Introduced stronger language which "added teeth" to the New General Plan

Supported 5 major road improvements (Tangerine, La Canada, etc.)

Supported New Hospital

Supported New Library/Expansion

Formalized concept of a New Police Sub-Station at Public Works location

Supported Farmers Market

Contributed to Town's first "Strategic Plan"


Adopted Policy supporting safety improvements at area schools

Successfully negotiated with Comcast for our school district's airtime on public information Channel 17

Visited/spoke to local school children about Civics/importance of voting

Supports building new schools to keep pace with growth

Parks and Open Space:

Approved Master Planned Naranja Town Site

Supported improvements at James Kreigh Park and Riverfront Park

Continue to protect/promote Riparian and Open Space issues

Promoted language in General Plan protecting environmentally sensitive lands

Introduced fair and consistent policy that protects riparian areas.

Preservation of Historical/Cultural /Other/Sites:

Introduced protection of 1400 year old Hohokam Village to 2005 Pima County Bond Issue

Supported protection of Steam Pump Ranch and Kelly Ranch to Bond Issue

Protected La Cholla Air Park (private airpark) from encroachment

Goals for our future…

Paula Abbott will work to:

Protect Town's Natural/Historic/Cultural Resources

* Protect "natural" open space/riparian areas as outlined in General Plan/Town Code

* Protect the Wildlife Corridor (area between Tortolitas/Catalinas, north of Sun City)

* Create fair and consistent policy regarding riparian area encroachment

* Protect/Preserve Hohokam Village, Steam Pump Ranch, Kelly Ranch

Identify Alternative Water sources and promote Alternative Energy

* Water conservation/saving measures

Promote Sound Fiscal Policies

* No Taxes without voter approval

Support Sound Economic Strategies

* Support clean High Tech Industry that bring high paying jobs

* Growth that pays for itself

* Retention/Expansion of "existing" businesses in Oro Valley

* Support Annexation that promotes community goals/makes good fiscal sense

Support the future Development of the Naranja Town Site and other parks

* Promote/Create Diverse Recreation Opportunities (such as skate parks)

Support our Schools and help identify Future School Sites

Honor Open Government

* Encourage/Respect citizen input

* Promote decision-making in the public

Provide for a Safe Community with a Strong Police Department

Support Community and the Arts

* GOVAC (Greater Oro Valley Arts Council)

* Support/Promote Holiday Parade

* Support Current Special Events/Create other Community Events

Protect La Cholla Airpark and surrounding area


Paula Abbott has frequently voted against any growth in our community, so I was surprised by her suggestion that we initiate higher impact fees. We will see fewer and fewer developments as our town matures, so to suggest that higher impact fees would solve any financial problem is not credible.

I also take issue with her comparing Oro Valley to Marana. I think we need to put Oro Valley first and do what is in the best interest of Oro Valley.

The citizens of our town approved the General Plan for future land use planning. I intend to follow the guidelines established by that plan instead of looking to another town for guidance.


Ms. Abbott is frequently late or completely misses scheduled Town meetings. She is unprepared, which is manifested by her lack of understanding of the issues and her countless requests to reconsider because she "didn't understand." She has missed more meetings than any elected Council member in recent years.

Ms. Abbott missed the deadline for this essay. That pattern continues. The EXPLORER granted her an extension. She failed to prepare herself by writing an essay as requested. That pattern continues. She simply copied her campaign flyer and submitted that. I believe these patterns are totally unacceptable.

Ms. Abbott's flyer and her verbal comments in response to citizen's questions at the candidate forum on January 26, 2005 indicate that she believes that Oro Valley should be just like Marana. I emphatically disagree.

She may be a "strong citizen's advocate" however she returns telephone calls and/or e-mails to only a select few.


Ms. Abbott

You have stated in your essay that new development and new home construction should pay for itself.

At a special council session for the Oracle Road Improvement District where development wanted to have their assessments lowered, you were the only council member voting with their wishes. You stated that the citizens should pick up the tab for the improvements. That would be 6 million taxpayer dollars! At the Sun City Forum you said you did not think it was right for business to pay the assessments.

You also have stated you want affordable housing. The higher impact fees would drive up the cost of affordable housing.

You said you will vote No on Question 2. I will vote Yes, because this will generate revenue for the town.

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