Nov. 24, 2004 - AHEAD OF THE GAME: City champs, that has a nice ring to it. Five Northwest football teams of the Tucson Youth and Spirit Federation can proudly boast that title with wins Nov. 20 at various locations strewn throughout Pima County. Those five squads belonged to the Oro Valley Dolphins and the Marana Broncos. The Dolphins asserted their city-wide dominance claiming two championships in the Junior Pee-Wee and Junior Midget brackets of Division I. At Cienega High School, the Junior Pee-Wees claimed its title with a win over the Eagles, while the Junior Midgets downed the Scorpions. The Dolphins' Mitey Mite White squad walked away with a second place finish after losing to the Wildcat Red team at Desert View High School.

In Division II, city wide titles went to the Marana Broncos and its Junior Pee-Wee, Pee-Wee and Midget programs. For the Broncos Pee-Wee squad, the championship win over the Falcons capped off an undefeated run through city opponents. Up next for the champs will be a trip to Orlando, Fla., to compete on the national level.

The Broncos' Midget team overcame a tumultuous year both on and off the field to claim its city title. Marana's oldest Youth Football team grabbed its share of the title with a win over the Redskins.

New wrestling facility

The Canyon del Oro wrestling team will get a chance to flash its mettle next year in a new room formerly known for its own metal. The school has made plans to convert its former metal shop into a wrestling-only venue. The new facility still needs to be completely overhauled and won't be ready for the Dorados this season. Athletic director Ed Moody anticipates the gym to be ready by the summer. Moody hasn't ruled out the possibility of allowing the new facility to be used by local wrestling teams when the club season rolls around this summer.

Jones on for one more

Mountain View football coach Wayne Jones will stay on with the Mountain Lions for one more season before deciding to put aside his clip board and head set. Jones led Mountain View to a 7-3 record this year and within a game of making the state tournament. Under Jones, the Mountain Lions are 16-5 in the past two seasons. He is the only head football coach Mountain View has ever known. Since joining the squad in its infant stages in 1986, Jones has consistently overcome a lack of size with solid fundamentals.

As for life after football, Jones says he has no plans, literally.

"One more year," said Jones. "Then I'm getting away from everything."

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