Two budget overrides passed in the May 18 election that will give Oracle Elementary School District an extra $288,761 for its budget.

About 18 percent of the district's registered voters turned out for the election, the results of which are still unofficial.

A budget override is a way for voters to give a school district permission to increase its annual budget over the previous year's budget by a larger percent than Arizona law otherwise allows.

Voters approved 647-435 a budget increase of $88,761 that will primarily help the district's youngest students, at Oracle Ridge School. The money will restore the district's all-day kindergarten program, add an additional kindergarten teacher and aide, add supportive supplies and materials, and add a teacher for grades one through three who is a certified reading specialist.

Voters approved 644-430 a budget increase of $200,000 that will primarily help Mountain Vista School. The money will provide raises for employees - including $1,200 raises for teachers, restore programs such as art, music, and physical education, and provide professional development for teachers and paraprofessionals to meet the requirements of the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

The results are still unofficial.

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