Aug. 11, 2004 - Three people will run for three open positions on the Amphitheater Unified Schools Governing Board during the Nov. 2 election.

Todd Jaeger, associate superintendent and legal counsel in the school district, said even though there only are as many candidates as there are spots to fill, the election will take place. That is because there is always the possibility of write-in nominees, he said.

Of the open seats, two will be filled by incumbents Nancy Young Wright and Ken Barrabee whose terms have expired.

Young Wright has served on the board since January 1997 and is the current president. She is a parent and freelance writer and is active in the Oro Valley community where she lives.

Barrabee has been on the governing board for four years. He is an educator who has taught at Harelson and Prince elementaries, as well as at the preschool, adult and college levels throughout his 40 years in the education field.

Time also is up for Michael Prout, who did not file to run for re-election by the Aug. 3 deadline.

Prout has served on the board since May 2000 and said the almost five years he spent working in the district "had been long enough."

Although he had mixed emotions regarding the decision, he said in a telephone interview Aug. 6, he decided as early as last April not to run for re-election.

"I get the sense the district really doesn't need me anymore," he said, about the decision.

Prout joined Amphi after becoming one of the members of a group calling for a recall election in the spring of 2000.

"I felt like I could help, should help," he said. The problems the district was facing at the time were great, he said, and the leadership had been in place for years and was stale and "corrupt."

"I have helped and I am ready to move on," he added.

Prout doesn't want to appear haughty in making the decision, but said in his mind, under the current board, many of the problems Amphi had are fixed, and the district now faces obstacles that are typical to schools across the nation, such as dealing with budget issues and meeting national standards.

"If things had not been going well this year, I would not be leaving," he said. "But I never intended to be on the board more than one complete term."

The new face running to fill Prout's place is, Linda Loomis, 6317 N. Camino de Cabaluna.

Loomis spent 33 years as an educator before retiring last month from the Tucson Unified School District, working in the Flowing Wells and Amphitheater school districts as well. She has been both a teacher and administrator and also spent time with the University of Arizona, Arizona State Univer-sity and Northern Arizona University working with teachers and students aiming to be teachers.

She has lived in the Amphi school district 30 years and put two children through school there from kindergarten through 12th grade.

She said members of a school board serve to set school policies and not to "micromanage," but could not comment on how she would rank the current board in terms of performance, as she said she has not followed the board's decisions in recent years.

She is running for a seat on the board because, "I think everyone should give back to their community."

She said she does not have specific issues she would like to see addressed, however, she believes the board should concentrate on "making good decisions on limited resources."

New and re-elected board members will join Patricia Clymer and Jeff Grant, the two members not up for reelection.

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