My name is Al Kunisch and I am running for the Oro Valley Town Council. I first visited Oro Valley fourteen years ago and it made me realize what a wonderful and beautiful place this is. My family and I immediately decided to make Oro Valley our home. Oro Valley has had a great past with a very exciting future ahead. Many residents of Oro Valley have discussed their concerns and issues with me and have encouraged me to run for Town Council. I have contributions to make for our future and I very much want to represent you.

The most important responsibility of the Town Council is to operate Oro Valley with a balanced budget. Town Council should clearly prioritize the budget for the well-being of our citizens beginning with a strong police force, excellent fire service, and a clean water system. I am committed to these vital services.

The Town needs to become more proactive in water conservation. We must continue requiring golf courses to use the reclaimed water system rather than ground water. We must support water harvesting and gray water systems. We must explore other ways to conserve this precious resource.

Oro Valley needs continued quality economic development that will bring jobs for you and the youth of our community. Economic development also provides us sales tax revenue critical to operate our town. Also, why should you have to drive to Tucson or other outside areas for shopping, dining or seeing a movie?

I want to live in a community that has quality schools and a wonderful library. Everyone, including the youth and seniors of our community, need more parks and recreation areas and as your council member and with your help I will work with you to provide additional areas to meet our growing needs.

My commitment to preservation of meaningful open space and historic sites is demonstrated by my extensive service on the Land Conservation Committee and the Oro Valley Historic Commission.

I have served Oro Valley as an active volunteer in many areas for over 6 years. I am currently active in the Citizens Volunteer Assistance Patrol Oro Valley Police Department, Community Emergency Response Team President's Citizens Corps - Homeland Security, and the Town of Oro Valley Historic Commission.

I am a graduate of the Oro Valley Citizens Planning Institute, a past member of the Oro Valley Development Review Board, a past member of the Oro Valley General Plan Steering Committee, and a past chairperson of The Land Conservation Committee.

I understand our General Plan and our Planning & Zoning Codes and the need to enforce for quality development standards.

I am a member of the Northern Pima County Chamber of Commerce and a charter and current member of the Oro Valley Optimist Club. I understand why the town must have good working relationships with the business community and the importance of encouraging small business ownerships.

Oro Valley must have responsive government. "I want to be your Council Member." I will be responsive and responsible. Please vote for Al Kunisch..


I've known Al Kunish for several years. During that time I've come to admire and appreciate his dedication to the town. His long service as a police volunteer, member of the newly formed Historic Preservation Commission, and a former member of the Development Review Board speak to his commitment to the townspeople of Oro Valley.


Mr. Kunisch has served this Town for many years in various volunteer capacities. For this he should be commended.

His views on fiscal management, police protection and public safety are well founded and a reflection of a large contingent of the community

While serving with Mr. Kunisch on the General Plan Steering Committee I found his input to be valuable, sound and reflected the best interest of the citizens of Oro Valley.

Mr. Kunisch supports a YES vote on the Home Rule option and a YES vote on question 2.

I strongly support his election to the Town Council of Oro Valley.

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