May 18, 2005 - Ed Honea admits he'll have to be a little less "tenacious" on the dais if he's going to be Marana's mayor for the next two years.

Honea, known for his rough-edged scrutiny of incoming residential developments, particularly their lot sizes, said he'll have to tone it down a bit if he wants to maintain good relations with the development community.

"That's one of the fences I need to mend," he said May 10 following a special meeting at which council members unanimously chose him to fill the vacancy left by Bobby Sutton Jr., who resigned as mayor April 30 after facing federal charges of conspiracy and attempted extortion.

Honea said he'll be meeting with land developers in the near future "just to try to build some personal relationships."

Hoping Marana can pull itself out from under the hanging cloud of Sutton's indictment, "It's time to move on," Honea told a small audience during a short speech inside town hall.

"Marana is a place that learns from its mistakes," he said.

Honea was nominated by Councilman Tim Escobedo and seconded by Councilman Jim Blake.

"We work as a team here and all of us have respect for each other," Honea said, adding that the council turned to him when the position opened up. "I did not ask specifically for the job," he said.

Honea, a longtime resident of Marana, is a 17-year veteran of the council and served as mayor for a two-year period about eight years ago. He was on the council from 1977 to 1979 and 1981 to 1982, and has served continuously since 1991.

Only Honea and Blake had terms that coincided with Sutton's term, which ends in two years. All other council members, who were re-elected to four-year terms in March, would have had to give up two years of their terms to become mayor. Escobedo said that wasn't an option he was willing to take.

Now, Honea could be in the forefront of Marana's council for the next several years. He said he plans to seek re-election in two years.

But as a contract mail carrier for the U.S. Postal Service, Honea admitted he wouldn't have as much flexibility in his schedule as Sutton, who sells Yellow Pages advertisements for Dex Media Inc.

Honea said he'll probably call on someone else from the council to fill Sutton's recently vacated roles as vice chairman of both the Pima Association of Governments and the Regional Transportation Authority.

But not much will change under his leadership, Honea said, adding that the primary goal of the council is getting the town back to business.

He said the council will appoint someone to fill his seat on the council within the next two months.

Town Clerk Jocelyn Bronson said several people already have shown interest in the position, including longtime Marana resident Dorothy Taylor, whose mother used to be on the Planning and Zoning Commission, former Councilman David Morales, former Town Manager Hurvie Davis and former Councilwoman Roxanne Ziegler.

"I think it's just time for some fresh ideas, some fresh faces," Ziegler said. "With Bobby stepping down, maybe that's what we needed to get other people inspired to think about the position … and getting new blood on the council."

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