My Vision to Secure Oro Valley's Future:

Our town faces issues that deserve thoughtful, innovative solutions. As a member of the Town Council, I have made considerable progress in the last two years in moving Oro Valley closer to its full potential. God willing, I welcome the opportunity to continue to help set a path for the future that will ensure that

Oro Valley continues to be a great community.

We need to focus on our future, and plan for a safe, vibrant community. As your council member, I will promote efforts to assure the proper balance of preservation and development so that our community will provide the quality of life that our citizens deserve. We must protect our community heritage, provide for open spaces and parks, create comprehensive strategies to blend business into our community, and ensure that revenues are available to meet the service expectations of everyone in the town.

My record demonstrates that I'm a problem-solver. Council members should be able to confront issues and move forward to resolve them. I invest the time necessary to prepare for Council's business meetings and to make decisions that will positively impact our community. I regularly attend Study Sessions, Citizen Advisory Boards and Neighborhood Meetings to keep fully informed of the issues. I'm punctual and prepared when meetings are held. I strive to listen to all sides and develop strategies to make decisions that will secure the future of Oro Valley. As a member of our Council, I have supported responsible fiscal management by trimming the budget and protecting our contingency fund for one-time and emergency expenses.

I believe Oro Valley deserves an experienced and knowledgeable representative to oversee the future of our community. I will continue this same high level of commitment to the voters.

* Public Safety:

I support a safe and secure Oro Valley by increasing the number of police officers as our town grows.

Parts of Oro Valley are provided fire and ambulance service by a nationally top rated fire provider, Golder Ranch Fire District. I believe that all of Oro Valley deserves the opportunity to be a part of this district.

* Will Care Be There? Protecting your right to medical care:

Physicians continue to leave Arizona, restrict services, retire early or leave medicine. Our new hospital was almost forced to delay opening as a result of this problem. I've worked closely with the medical and business community on state and national level reform measures. I will continue to represent the needs of Oro Valley citizens with our legislature to ensure that we're able to attract and retain the necessary medical professionals.

* Development Paying to Maintain and Enhance Oro Valley:

I believe that development must pay it's fair share to enhance our community.

Homebuilders are providing neighborhood parks or paying in lieu fees to enhance existing parks.

Development pays the "1% for Public Art" the residents asked for.

Recently, the Oracle Road Improvement District was completed. The improvements were paid for by the businesses in the area. When some of the businesses protested the costs of the needed improvements, over 6 million dollars, I voted in the Council majority to keep the assessment in place, reducing the burden on Oro Valley taxpayers. I disagreed with those who felt the "Town should pay" for necessary improvements.

* Increasing Our Revenues:

Our financial choices will be limited if we don't proceed with revenue generating development. We need to move forward and make tough decisions that are in the best interest of our community. -I voted to double Oro Valley's bed tax on hotels and resorts and allocated funding for the Naranja Recreational/Cultural Town Site from this increased revenue. With the bed tax increase we dedicated more funding towards investment in the region's hotel and resort community. Tourism brings millions of dollars to our region and adds revenue to Oro Valley. -As part of my efforts to maximize our town revenues, we must research and apply for grant opportunities. Historic preservation and transportation grants, such as the federal "Safe Sidewalks" funding, are just a few of the many that we must aggressively pursue.

*Protecting Our Natural Resources:

As a Council Member, I requested that Vestar (OVM) include water harvesting for landscape irrigation that will save millions of gallons of precious groundwater. This is a first for a commercial development in our town! This project now includes a 70-acre riparian area, restored from barren ranch land.

*Increasing Taxes:

I voted against the Utility Tax. The future and the amount of the tax were uncertain. The price of utilities was forecast to double or triple, and there were simply too many unanswered questions.

*Growing to Prosper:

We need to strengthen our relationships with existing area businesses to encourage expansion within our community. If we can promote high tech and biomedical firms to expand in our community, we'll have more high paying jobs that will generate additional town revenues.

*Historical Preservation:

I initiated and took an active part in the formation of the Historical Preservation Commission (HPC). After the acquisitions of the Hohokam Village archaeological site and the historic Steam Pump Ranch, the HPC will help us implement the appropriate preservation plans. Preserving our past will ensure that future generations of school children understand the history of people who lived in Oro Valley many years ago.

*Our Recently Ratified General Plan:

I was instrumental in forming the General Plan Citizen Revision Committee. Voters overwhelmingly approved the revised General Plan. I have the integrity and focus to implement the provisions of the newly ratified General Plan.

I would like the opportunity to continue to serve the citizens of Oro Valley. A vote for CONNY CULVER is a vote for experience, fiscal responsibility, commitment, and innovation.

Join with me to Secure Oro Valley's Future!


In the past Ms. Culver and I have had our differences. I have disagreed with some of her positions and I may disagree with some of her views in the future. Ms. Culver does, however, make extremely good points in her essay.

Ms. Culver does her homework. Her attendance record at public meetings is impressive as is her grasp of the issues. She is prepared, asks pointed and relevant questions. This cannot be said of others running for re-election.

While some say her time investment in the medical liability issues facing Arizona and specifically Oro Valley , were misguided, this issue is extremely important to our citizens. She spearheaded a positive outcome on a healthcare issue impacting Oro Valley citizens.

She is a strong supporter of the Home Rule option and she advocates a YES vote on question 2.


After reading Ms. Culvers essay it certainly indicated that she has a vision for the future of the Town.

Having served on the Development Review Board with Ms. Culver, I always appreciated how well prepared she was for the meetings. Her attendance was near perfect and she was punctual. This same statement can not be applied to some other council members seeking re-election.

We didn't always agree on all subjects however that is democracy in action. We worked well together and respected each others views.

She has put a large amount of effort into the medical liability issue and of which I fully support.

Ms. Culver supports a Yes vote on the Home Rule option and a Yes vote on Question 2.

For these reasons I support her re-election.

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