Sept. 29, 2004 - A third of Tucson's businesses plan to hire new workers in the fourth quarter, a dropoff from the previous quarter that reflects a bit less confidence in the economy, according to the latest Manpower Employment Outlook Survey.

While the one-third figure still represents a fairly brisk hiring pace, it's a bit weaker than the third quarter forecast when 37 percent of the companies interviewed by Manpower Inc. indicated they would be adding to their employment roles, the survey indicated.

Three percent of the companies interviewed estimated they would be cutting back and 61 percent expected to maintain current staff levels in the fourth quarter, according to the survey.

Job prospects were best in durable and nondurable goods manufacturing, transportation and public utilities, wholesale and retail trades, finance, insurance, real estate and services. Construction employers planned to reduce staffing, but hiring in other sectors was expected to remain unchanged.

Of 16,000 employers surveyed nationally, 28 percent planned to add workers in the fourth quarter, down from 30 percent the previous quarter. Seven percent anticipated job cuts, compared with 6 percent the previous quarter, and 60 percent of employers expected no change, compared with 59 percent the previous quarter.

On a regional basisis, optimism for job creation was highest in the West where 30 percent of employers indicated they expected to add jobs, compared with 26 percent in the Midwest, 27 percent in the Northeast and 29 percent in the South.

"Although the job forecast has not changed for three quarters, it is decidely stronger than it was a year ago when the outlook was half as strong," the survey noted.

Manpower Inc. is a world leader in the employment services industry with 4,300 offices in 67 countries serving more than 400,000 customers a year.

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