Prosecutors say accused murderer Jason Paul Doty is a white supremacist and Satanist who fed the bizarre religion he created with a blood lust that claimed the lives of three people.

What prosecutors won't say is what will happen to the two men they claim may have connections to one of the brutal murders, but have not been charged with any crimes related to the slaying.

With Doty's trial for the murder of a Tohono Chul Park security guard scheduled for Jan. 8, the Pima County Attorney's Office has been slowly disclosing information about the cases it hopes will lead to a death sentence for the self professed Satanist.

In addition to the first degree murder charge he faces for allegedly shooting to death 55-year-old security guard Grady Towers March 20, 2000, Doty is also expected in 2002 to be tried on two first degree murder charges for the slaying of restaurant manager Robin Hay at a Northwest eegees, and for the death of Joseph McDowell, who was killed when a vehicle allegedly driven by Doty crashed while being pursued by police April 9, 2000.

In court documents filed in Pima County Superior Court for Doty's trial in the death of Robin Hay, deputy county prosecutor Teresa Godoy claims a man who once shared a prison cell with Doty, 22-year-old Bryan William David Sicard, may have been one of two men captured on a security camera near the eegees just minutes before Hay was slashed to death and nearly decapitated March 26, 2000.

Godoy refused to comment when asked if Sicard would be charged with a crime or called as a witness in the Hay trial.

"We don't comment on active cases," Godoy said.

Richard Parrish, Doty's attorney, said Sicard is one of 55 people on the witness list for the case.

"I'm very interested in speaking with Bryan Sicard. He's very important, and I plan to demonstrate his importance," Parrish said, adding that he believed Sicard was in jail.

According to Pima County Jail records, Sicard was actually released Dec. 15 after posting a $35,500 bond.

Sicard was arrested by Tucson Police Dec. 13 and charged with weapons misconduct and possessing, manufacturing or transporting a dangerous drug, according to court records.

Sicard could not be located for comment. He did not respond to a request for an interview left with his mother, who said Sicard has no fixed address, but that she could occasionally get messages to him.

Prosecutors claim a surveillance camera located in a Walgreens near the eegees at 7110 N. Ina Road in Marana, captured the image of two men dressed in dark clothing and hats outside the drug store at 5:27 a.m., just minutes before Hay was murdered.

Three days after the 50-year-old Hay was murdered, a Northwest EXPLORER reporter interviewed two newspaper hawkers who claimed they saw two men in dark clothing and hats near the eegees shortly before 6 a.m.

Investigators, utilizing a register tape that Hay was processing before she was killed and the time a delivery driver discovered her body, place the time of Hay's death at between 5:53 and 6:04 a.m, according to court records.

"We were watching them real close because we thought they were trying to horn-in on our corners," said one of the newspaper vendors who worked at the intersection of Ina and Thornydale roads, and who asked not to be identified. "You don't see too many people walking around that early on a Sunday morning. They kind of hung out at the Peter Piper (Pizza restaurant) and then took a round-about way across Ina. I lost sight of them behind the eegees."

Investigators later seized Sicard's car and found dark clothing and a hat with an emblem similar to the one captured on the video tape. They also noted Sicard had a distinctive walk that matched one of the men seen on the tape, according to court records.

Prosecutors also draw a connection to another man, Nathan Paul Loman, 23, who was a friend of Sicard and who, like Hay, had also worked as a manager of the eegees in Marana.

In court documents, prosecutors allege Loman had the key to the south door of the eegees that was found open by the delivery driver who discovered Hay's body inside the restaurant.

"Loman did not have keys to the lower safe, but knew Hay did," prosecutors claim in a court brief. About $500 was missing from the safe, police have said.

The brief also notes that "Loman knew Bryan Sicard and Sicard showed up at Loman's apartment on March 6, 2000."

Loman and Sicard's acquaintance goes back even further. According to Superior Court records not related to any of the Northwest murders, Loman was arrested after breaking into a vehicle on Oct. 27, 1998 and stealing about 50 CD's, a cell phone and stereo equipment.

In a written statement to police, Loman said Sicard had also participated in the burglary, and that they sold the stolen goods to students from Mountain View High School for $150.

Loman hung up on a reporter who called him seeking comment.

Parrish said Loman is another person he would like to speak with.

"But I've been informed that Nathan Loman plans to take the fifth," Parrish said.

Neither Loman or Sicard have been charged with any crimes related to those alleged to involve Doty.

Doty's grandmother, Helen Doty, said she had never seen her grandson with Loman or Sicard, or heard him mention either of their names.

"I visit him frequently, but all we ever talk about is family," Helen Doty said.

But prosecutors claim that Sicard also may have had ties to a home invasion robbery March 8, 2000 in which the .22 caliber handgun believed to be used in the murder of Towers was stolen, along with the weapon's owner's manual.

Prosecutors in their court filings note the house "was not ransacked" and allege that "Sicard knew (the burglary victim), and knew he had the gun."

Doty would later try and sell the gun to another man. The man declined to buy it, but noted the gun had strange symbols etched on the barrel. Prosecutors claim the symbols were "runes" or old Norse pictography that matched writing on documents seized from Doty.

Thomas W. Frumson, who prosecutors claim was Doty's "right hand man" in the Satanic Wehrmacht - the Devil worshiping, white supremacist organization Doty allegedly created and indoctrinated Frumson into -told investigators the runes were intended to give the weapon power, according court documents.

Doty and Frumson were incarcerated together in the state prison at Safford for several months until Doty was released in August 1999. Frumson remains in prison, serving the remainder of a 12-year sentence he received in 1992 for attempted first degree murder, according to prosecutors and Arizona Department of Corrections records.

A neighbor of the man who Doty allegedly tried to sell the symbol-marked handgun to was the victim of a home invasion robbery April 9, 2000. After the attackers left, the victim found the weapon with the "runes" on the floor inside his house and later showed it to his neighbor.

The victim's neighbor confirmed it was the same gun that Doty had tried to sell him, prosecutors say.

Investigators were able to link the handgun to the Robin Hay murder after using forensic analysis to matching an ejected, unfired shell found near the door to the restaurant. The weapon was also matched to shells found at the scene of the Tohono Chul Park murder by ballistic comparisons, according to prosecutors

The owners manual to the gun was found in the glove compartment of the Nissan Sentra prosecutors allege Doty was driving and which crashed and killed his friend, 27-year-old McDowell. Doty fled on foot after the wreck, but turned himself in to the Pima County Jail two weeks later.

The box that contained the gun, and other material from the burglary, were found during a search warrant served on Doty's apartment in the 4200 block of North First Avenue in Tucson.

According to the court documents, prosecutors in the Tohono Chul case are focusing on boot prints found at the murder scene that allegedly match boots owned by Doty and the shells from the gun. Evidence in the eegees case includes the spent .22 caliber shell found on the floor.

But over arching both the Hay and Towers murders, are the more than 4,000 diary entries, correspondences, treaties, recruitment letters and other documents prosecutors claim were written by Doty that have been compiled as evidence.

The state's exhibit list includes titles such as The Satanic Apostolism, Satanic as Hell, The Five Year Holocaust plan, Black Metal Nazism and Satanic Wehrmacht.

Most damning, say prosecutors, are writings titled "The Shocker" and "Equinox MM" which they claim are "chronicles" of the Hay and Towers murders.

The writings were in a notebook labeled the "Archive of the First Soldier and High Priest of the Satanic Wehrmacht: Written by Geoffrey Andrews Demon."

The notebook was seized in April 2000 during a search of several bags that Doty reportedly kept at a woman's home.

Frumson told prosecutors that the title and name were used by Doty to refer to himself, according to court documents.

"Equinox MM" is dated March 21, 2000, or one day after Towers was murdered. Prosecutors noted that the security guard was killed during the vernal equinox.

"Behold, the terror in his eyes the lamb is thrust into the jaw's of the wolf, screaming in pain, taken with force, excitement of killing a hunter by course," The second paragraph of the writing begins.

Prosecutors said in court documents that "Equinox MM" was "nothing short of a confession to first degree murder."

"The Shocker," dated the same day Hay was murdered, includes the line:

"Shocked eyes wild with disbelief, can't understand as your chocking (sic) on your breath; thus it comes, a merciless lie to the end of a life. My blade drinking death."

Parrish, Doty's third attorney since his arrest, said there's no proof that the writings were created by his client.

"The prosecution will have to prove the writings are Mr. Doty's, they'll have to prove it to a jury," Parrish said.

At a hearing Dec. 14, Pima County Superior Court Judge Pro Tem Frank Dawley ordered Doty to provide handwriting samples.

For prosecutors, the writings play a significant role in establishing Doty's belief system, and an alleged motive for the killings.

"The defendant is a self avowed Aryan Satanist and has founded his own religion of the same name. The defendant's goals as an Aryan Satanist are to purify the white race through the Satanic Wehrmacht and to gain powers as the Satanic Wehrmacht's first soldier and high priest," prosecutor's wrote in court filings.

The prosecutor's claim the murders were used by Doty to capture the victims' souls in order to increase his own spiritual powers.

There was no indication in the court records whether Frumson, who claims he has renounced his belief in Doty's Satanic Wehrmacht, was asked by prosecutors if he had any information linking Doty to Sicard or Loman.

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This is the first time I have heard anyone actually acknowledge that Lowman was involved. Thank you. He is in my mind the one who made my mothers murder possible.

Patrick Cavanaugh

alarson75 - I'm the reporter that wrote this story many years ago. I actually wrote a series of investigations related to these murders. I'm no longer involved in newspaper work but I've long felt that this case was botched. I'm sorry for the loss of your mother and would be willing to discuss the case with you if you would like. Just provide me some contact information.

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