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Dec. 21, 2005 - The Northwest and Foothills will get a different kind of pharmacy in the coming year, one that specializes to the specific needs of its clients.

Apothecary Shop of Tucson will open its second Southern Arizona location Feb. 1 at the southwest corner of La Cholla and Orange Grove road. The pharmacy serves to both humans and pets, providing prescription drugs and compounds that ordinary pharmacies often do not.

"We are very patient specific; we are not run like Walgreens," said Bea Swygert, head of marketing for Apothecary Shop of Tucson. "We go a little beyond what a normal pharmacy will do."

The new pharmacy is the first of its kind in the Northwest. There are three apothecary pharmacies in the Tucson metro area but none closer than Apothecary Shop of Tucson's original pharmacy at 2850 N. Swan Ave.

Apothecary Shop of Tucson is the 11th specialized pharmacy owned by John Musil. Aside from the two in Southern Arizona, Musil owns eight similar pharmacies in the Phoenix area and one in Las Vegas.

A move to the Northwest made sense for Apothecary Shops of Tucson, where there was a high demand. Previously, if Northwest residents needed the services of apothecary they would have to drive a considerable distance. Plus, many doctors located on the east side also have offices in the Northwest, said Swygert.

"There is a demand, we noticed that," she said. "Everybody always has to come down, we know it's growing out there, there's really a demand for another pharmacy."

Some of the more common apothecary clients seek specific medication to treat infertility, HIV, hepatitis C, high-end pain management, transplant recovery and oncology related ailments.

Apothecary Shop of Tucson also works with local veterinarians to provide the same services for pets.

Drug compounding is done when a drug needs to be made or specifically tailored to a patient's needs. For example, if a condition doesn't allow a patient to swallow a pill, the medication can be compounded into a gel or liquid form. Those who are allergic to gelatin capsules can have it changed to a vegetable capsule.

The pharmacy can strengthen or lessen the dosage of a drug to meet the patient's needs. This is common in pediatric transplants where dosages often aren't the correct strength.

"They don't do enough pediatric transplants to warrant commercially available drugs so we compound them," said Swygert.

Apothecary cannot make a drug that is commercially available. If a drug is no longer available, apothecary can make it in its labs.

Unlike a Walgreens or Osco, Apothecary Shop of Tucson carries a large supply of high-end Class Two drugs, which are narcotics, aimed at treating pain management. If Apothecary does not have a specific drug in stock, it can have it delivered within 24 hours.

Apothecary Shop of Tucson offers free delivery to those who cannot leave the house due to their illness. For others, home delivery is available for a nominal charge.

The pharmacy accommodates all insurance plans and works with both primary and secondary insurances.

The Northwest Apothecary Shop of Tucson will be the first of its kind not located directly near a fertility clinic. The pharmacy will be located in the shopping center near Generations Healthcare for Women at 2171 W. Orange Grove Road.

For more information call the Apothecary Shop of Tucson at 918-0044.

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