The Town of Marana and the Town of Oro Valley have approved Christmas bonuses for employees this year.

The Oro Valley Council approved $64,000 for 338 employees, and the Town of Marana approved $124,148.50.

The Town of Marana is giving regular employees who were hired before June 30, 2010 a $450 bonus. Employees hired between July 1, 2010 and June 30 of this year are slated to receive $300.

In a statement, the Marana officials said, “The Town of Marana has not been positioned to grant annual merit-based pay increases over the last three years, including the current fiscal year. Since that time, living expenses, health insurance premiums and pension contributions have increased, leaving employees with less disposable income. In recognition of work contributions employees continue to make to the Town, a one-time lump sum pay increase is being granted to eligible employees for fiscal year 2011-2012.”

The Town of Oro Valley approved a smaller bonus for employees that will be in the form of Oro Valley Dollars, which will allow employees to spend the money at any of the 40 participating businesses.

Full-time employees will received a $200 Oro Valley gift card, and part-time employees will receive $100.

Greg Caton, Oro Valley Town Manager, said by not filling vacant positions, the town will be saving more than $700,000 in payroll expenses this year.

“There have been no compensation increases for several years, but many of our employees have taken on added duties,” Caton said.

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