The Mountain View Mountain Lions have yet again another head football coach. The Lions are bringing in coach Clarence “Bam” McRae, their third head coach in three years.

Coach McRae is coming from the University of Arizona, where he served as the strength and conditioning coach as well as a coach on the Wildcat football staff.

McRae started his football career here at the University of Arizona as the starting tight end. During his time, he earned two letters for his 12 starts.

Having served as the strength and conditioning coach for football, basketball, baseball, swimming, golf, volleyball and softball, it is safe to say that coach McRae will have the new-look Mountain Lions in tremendous shape.

It won’t be an easy task for McRae as the Mountain Lions are coming fresh off of a 4-6 season. Not only will he have to improve the player abilities, but he will also have to gain the trust of the Mountain Lion family from parents through players.

The key for McRae will be to get the entire team to mesh. Without team chemistry, the Mountain Lions will have a repeat of previous seasons. McRae with the help of seniors, will need to immediately get the team as one. If this is done in his early days with the team, McRae will be off to a promising start.

The Mountain Lions self-esteem has taken a hard hit in past years. From a 3-7 season in 2010, to a 4-6 record last year, they really do need a change.

Another key factor to the Mountain Lions success in the upcoming season is consistency. The Mountain Lions have constantly struggled to string together wins. They can’t just win a couple and lose especially with the state of mind they have now.

Although it will be tough, the Mountain Lions must focus on one opponent at a time in order to get a win streak going. Last year, the Mountain Lions suffered a six-game losing streak, and were never able to find their stride.

So why will it be any different this year?

Coach McRae will be bringing with him just the right experience. He has dealt with Division I athletes of just about all sports and has also been that athlete. With this, he will be able to tame the emotions of players and be able to lead them to a more successful season.

It is looking like an improved season already for the Mountain Lions. A new coach hasn’t been the right ingredient in past years, but coach McRae looks like just the right piece to the Mountain Lion’s puzzle.

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