In the final race before the Sectional and State Championships, Canyon del Oro and Cholla met Ironwood Ridge for a triangular meet on Ironwood's 5K course at Riverfront Park. The CDO boys narrowly beat Ironwood Ridge, 28-31, with Cholla scoring 78 points. In the girls race, it was Ironwood Ridge 21, CDO 40, Cholla 79.

The boys started out conservatively, all bunched up at the mile mark. Over the next mile, the pack spread out. The top finishers for CDO were Drew Garcia and Jordan Hellebuyck going 1-2 (16:42 and 16:48). Jacob Bruno was 6th (17:30), Jacob Rischar was 9th (18:08), Augie Bruno was 10th (18:09), Mike James was 11th (18:11), and Tim Ronan was 15th (18:46). The top finishers for Ironwood Ridge were David Fernandez 3rd (17:04), Cal Skilsky 4th (17:08), Brett Willman 5th (17:18), Brandon McKay 7th (17:42), Tyler Peterson 12th (18:32), Silvano Whiteside 13th (18:38), and Jacob Scott 14th (18:39). Josue Rodriquez of Cholla was the lone runner from that team to break up the Dorados and Nighthawks with an 8th place performance (17:46).

Unlike the boys, the girls wasted no time in going to work. Melanie Zibrat (IR), Bridgette Doucet (CDO), Kristin Powell (IR), Molly Latin (IR), and Sarrah Boughan (CDO) flew through the mile mark in six minutes. The girls finished in that order with Melanie finishing just ahead of Bridgette (19:11-19:12). Kristen was 3rd (19:29), Molly 4th (19:46), and Sarrah 5th (20:18). The next best performers for Ironwood Ridge were Ally Olson 6th (20:28), Ashley Simpson 7th (20:39), Sarah Bock 8th (20:39), and Anna Burrous 9th (20:53). For the Dorados, it was Barbara Bruno 12th (22:06), Claire Keepers 15th (22:51), Shannon Cottrell 22nd (24:52), and Melissa Silva 26th (25:36).

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