Marana's new football field

Crews work on the Marana High School football field. The new field will be done by Aug. 21

Randy Metcalf/The Explorer

A voter-approved bond within the Marana Unified School District is continuing to show various improvements at multiple sites throughout the district. Most noticeably, in the anticipation of the 2013 football season, are the new football fields at Marana and Mountain View high schools.

The artificial turf that is being laid down at both campuses comes with a price tag of  about $1 million each. Both fields should be complete by Aug. 21.

Todd Garelick, Mountain View’s athletic director and an associate principal, has seen the bond improvements take shape around the school’s campus.

Besides being aesthetically pleasing and being some of the only artifical turf football fields in the region, officials are also looking to cut back on injuries this season.

“(The football fields) are going to be green year round, which is nice,” Garelick said.  “It will be true in terms of you won’t have holes, and sometimes when you burn lines in the grass, you create real big problems for ankles and knees – so you are going to have a true surface.”

The surface is made up of large mats of grass, which are then coated with rubberized pellets. The occasional maintenance on the fields will consist of washing them on a regular basis, which cleans them and cools the field down. The rubber will also need to be moved and spread around to prevent the rubber pellets from piling up occasionally.

The Mountain View field has a logo in the middle, with white lines for football and yellow lines for soccer. The end zones are decorated with black and silver lettering. The Marana field will be similar but with blue end zones.

Garelick said improvement in facilities and coaching staff also helps to draw students to their schools from their feeder schools.

In addition to the athletic improvements at the school, Garelick said the bond has purchased laptops for students, and installed security cameras.

“We couldn’t be more grateful to the community, because without this bond, we wouldn’t be doing this,” Garelick said. “The community support and the reaching out to the schools have really made this possible. This helps us with our programs, it helps us with our academics, and it helps us in a lot of ways having that kind of support. We couldn’t be happier.”

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