For their first official day of football practice, the Canyon Del Oro High School football players spent the time listening to a couple of Olympic-caliber talent.

Frank Busch, who has been the national team director for USA’s swim team since 2011, and Olympic and world-record holder Lacey Nymeyer both brought their expertise in competition and athletics to help focus the team on the right track with building team character.

Busch, whose coaching career spans more than 30 years, spoke to the team about the positive and negative influences they are going to face during the course of the coming football season.

“The hardest thing for you to say is going to be ‘no’,” Busch told the team by giving examples of their peers asking if they want to drink, do drugs, or go out and get into mischief. With saying “no,” to these things, it can possibly help lead the team to victory and accomplish some amazing things.

“I can assure you that satisfaction, that moment, is far greater than any alcohol, or any dope, or any foolishness, or any girls, or anything else you are going to get yourself into. I tell you, it is far greater,” Busch said. “It is a satisfaction that so few people ever experience.”

In making a sacrifice like that as an individual, but together, they can bond and do more as a team.

Head football coach Dustin Peace was excited to get an opportunity to have both Busch and Nymeyer speak to his team in hopes that it could help add a little extra unity among the players.

“Right now, we are going to be as fast and as strong as we are going to be,” Peace said. “If we can bond together like coach (Busch) said, and let that cement a little bit more, that could be the game changer for us.”

Nymeyer was able to talk athlete to athlete with the players, letting them know what her experience was like working as an individual but for the good of a team. She also spoke about what it took to get her to where she was as an athlete and as a person.

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