The Pima County Sheriff’s Department is offering these safety tips for a happy Thanksgiving.

Kitchen safety

• Start holiday cooking with a clean stove and oven.

• If using a deep fryer, set it up outside and away from structures and overhangs. Make sure to follow the cooking instructions and dispose of the used oil in a responsible manner.

• Keep all appliances in good working order.

• Keep the kitchen off-limits to young children and adults who are not helping with food preparations to lessen the possibility of kitchen mishaps.

• Keep kitchen clutter and loose clothing away from the stove’s heat.

• Cook on the back burners when possible and turn pot handles in, away from a child’s reach.

• Use pot holders to prevent burns.

• Never throw water on a grease fire. Instead, use baking soda, salt or simply cover the burning pan with a lid.

• Never leave cooking food unattended.

• Never overload electrical outlets. Unplug appliances when not in use.

• Make sure your fire extinguisher is properly located and operable.

• Candles are often part of holiday decorations. Make sure that candles are a safe distance from anything flammable and are never left unattended.

Food safety

• Purchase your turkey preferably 1-2 days before you cook it.

• Avoid buying fresh, stuffed turkeys.

• Keep the turkey in the refrigerator if cooking within 24-48 hours.

• Keep the turkey in its package in a pan to keep any juices from getting into fresh produce or food.

• Refrigerate store-bought pumpkin pie.

• Use separate cutting or chopping boards for meats and for fruits/vegetables.

• Avoid putting cooked food on cutting boards that have touched raw food.

• Avoid wiping your hands that have touched raw food with dish towels.

• Keep raw food away from vegetables and side dishes that will not be cooked.

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