The Tutor Club in Catalina Foothills provides a location for students of all ages to get math help.


Valuing students’ educational success, Tutoring Club offers year-around services to help improve students’ abilities to understand school subjects and succeed academically.

Tutoring Club, a national franchise, has helped students in the Tucson community for about 10 years. Located in the Foothills on East Sunrise Drive, Tutoring Club offers services for beginning reading, writing and math. Other available services include help with homework, college planning and preparation for the SAT or ACT.

“It is for students who have difficulties with a subject and students whose parents want them to get the next step up and excel in school,” said Scott Nasiff, owner of Tutoring Club.

Students from pre-kindergarten to high school can receive help from instructors. Upon signing up for tutoring, an assessment test will be done on the student in the three areas of math, writing and reading. From there, an individualized plan is developed so that the tutor can help in the most effective way possible. Strengths and weaknesses are listed as well as the parent’s goals for their child. Once that is established, days and times are set up for tutoring.

“We make recommendations based off of the parent’s goals and where the student is and how they’re doing in the class,” said Nasiff.

If a student needs help in reading, then a beginning reading or reading program is offered. The beginning reading focuses on sounding out words and is very phonics-based. On the other hand, the reading program is more comprehension-based and for the student who needs help with vocabulary. Students can also receive tutoring for writing which focuses on punctuation, composition and grammar. Math is also offered.

Tutoring Club also assists high school students who need help with college planning,s which often includes what kind of school they want to attend, what they want to major in, financial aid and essay applications. Tutoring is also offered for some college students.

Parents are charged hourly for their student’s tutoring, but Nasiff does add that “the more hours purchased then the less charged per hour.” Tutoring is offered year-around and a great tool for students in need of academic help.

“The student is going to work on their specific program. Their grades are going to be getting better, because we’re going to be able to work on the areas they’re struggling in and understand the concepts that they may not get in school,” said Nasiff.

Tutoring Club is open Monday through Thursday from 2:30 to 7:30 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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