While 1947 was just 67 years ago, it’s still hard to believe that at that time women in business was almost unheard of in America. However, today, some of the most successful businesses in America are run by women.

McGuire’s is a business where its 70-year success comes from strong leadership passed down from mother to daughter. Now into its third generation of strong women leaders, McGuire’s is owned by business leader Cyndy McGuire.

“I remember my first day at work with my mother-in-law Helen McGuire,” Cyndy said. “She taught me how to be strong in a business dominated by men.”

McGuire’s is a business that depends heavily on having a strong credit rating. This aspect is important because they deal mostly in a very easy cash commodity.

“My main goal is to keep my business at the industry’s number one credit rating,” Cyndy said. “So, finance is number one. It’s something I have passed on to my girls.”

Without an impeccable credit rating, no one is going to extend gold and diamonds to the business. 

“Buying power is what has kept our doors open during the hard years,” Cyndy said. “Being able to buy at the best prices and passing the discount to the customer has given us the edge over huge chain stores.  Some days our ‘take a number’ system is over worked.  We stay busy.  We are willing to do anything and everything to please our customers.”

One aspect that goes into pleasing the customer is cost. Cost is important, especially when they are at McGuire’s to purchase something that is going to last a lifetime.

“Everyone’s budget is different and we make sure we cover all incomes,” Cyndy said. “I’m not alone in making McGuire’s Tucson’s top jewelry store. I have a highly-trained staff, predominantly of women, who know this business and treat it like their own. If not for my staff, who I value like family, we would not be the store we are today.”

McGuire’s employees include Rosie Mendoza, Lynnette Weber and Lucy Lopez. These women have been with McGuire’s for nearly 30 years. 

“There is a special feeling we get when a young couple is brought into our store by their grandparents who themselves bought their engagement rings from McGuire’s,” Cyndy said.

Another aspect of success at McGuire’s has been the company’s ability to stay in touch with what’s happening in the industry.

“I travel several times a year to shows to see what’s new and upcoming.  Nothing is better than having something in stock that just hit the market and the consumer can  only find it at McGuire’s.”

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Very well put Cyndy I have known you for 23 years and remember when you first went to work to help Tim. You are the "backbone" to McGuire's jewelry store.

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