Skyline Gallery

Skyline Gallery

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Skyline Gallery owners Ursula Rodgers and Lucine Dirtadian have been collaborating on creating jewelry since 1989. Their fine jewelry business, Four Hands Images, is known for its highly crafted earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets and necklaces made of gold or platinum and featuring semi-precious or precious stones including diamonds, pearls, opals, jasper, agates, tanzanite, and tourmaline.

Through Four Hands Images, Ursula and Lucine design and create a line of jewelry, which they wholesale to the 100 top retail galleries in the U.S. and Virgin Islands, and they participate in juried retail arts and crafts shows. In addition, they design and produce one of a kind, commissioned pieces for individuals. Their designs are sophisticated and clean, reflecting the organic nature of the materials incorporated.

Four Hands Images has a top rating from the Jewelers Board of Trade. In partnership with long-time friend Julia Roberts.

Ursula and Lucine opened Skyline Gallery in 2005 to provide a place to purchase unique North American art. The store was designed by Ursula and Lucine in conjunction with Don Muller of the Don Muller Gallery in Northampton, Massachusetts, which has been chosen by NICHE magazine as one of the Top 10 Galleries in the U.S.

Every year since 2006, Skyline Gallery has been recognized by NICHE magazine, the exclusive trade publication for retailers of fine American craft, as one of the top 25 retail galleries for American Art.

Lucine Dirtadian, a native Tucsonan, has a BFA in fine art in metalsmithing from the University of Arizona, and is a Graduate Gemologist with a residency program degree from the Gemological Institute of America, located in Santa Monica.

Ursula Rodgers, originally from Pittsburgh, has a BFA from the University of Arizona in metalsmithing, and a Masters in Art Education.

Julia Roberts, who lives in Boston and Tucson, has a BA from the University of Arizona. Julia and Lucine are childhood friends.

Lucine and Ursula began creating jewelry as young teens. They met as students at the University of Arizona. After graduation, they helped each other sell their individual jewelry at wholesale shows and art festivals all over the country.

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