With more than three decades of experience, Tucson’s Drue A. Morgan-Birch continues to make strides as the owner of her own law firm at 177 N. Church Ave. #600 in Tucson.

Birch became a lawyer after she realized, “I didn’t know my rights and that the law would keep me informed and help me to help others.”

Proud of her accomplishments, Morgan-Birch said if she had it to do over she would change “absolutely” nothing.

“I have been blessed and I hope I can continue helping people for a long time to come,” she said.

When it comes to the legal field, Morgan-Birch said women have come a long way.

“I like to believe the fact that I was one of the founders of the Arizona Journal of  International and Comparative Law at the University of Arizona College of Law, and one of the founders of the local chapter of the Federal Bar Association, and its first woman President, assisted the recognition of women in the field of law,” she said.

Even in the legal field, Morgan-Birch said women still face discrimination in the workplace.

“I have had to prove myself beyond what seems to be the norm for men,” she said. “However, I have also received numerous accolades for my work and volunteer efforts. I just keep plugging away with the knowledge that I am equal to the men in my profession. If someone cannot accept me because of my gender, then they should go to someone else.  I am OK with that.”

When it comes to overall business, Morgan-Birch said the biggest threat is the economy. Although it’s improving, she stressed they aren’t out of the woods yet.

“I am handling the economic downturn by recognizing that we are all suffering the ills and by trying to help others think local as best I can,” she said.

The next threat, which is a result of a multitude of factors, is the increase in taxes everyone is expected to chip in.  This is difficult for most lawyers these days, Morgan-Birth said.

“One of the things I focus on when assisting a family with estate planning, which is not just for the rich, is to find ways to protect assets and reduce taxes for them,” she said.

The third threat facing the legal industry, according to Morgan-Birch, is that there is not enough time to accomplish everything.

“Perhaps I want to do too much, but I am not ready to give up yet,” she added.

When it comes to her own practice, Morgan-Birch said her services are personal, private and comprehensive. With extensive experience, Morgan-Birch has the capability of serving her clients in many areas of law, with exception to criminal law.

Over the years, Morgan-Birch said she’s made plenty of mistakes and has some regrets, but continues to work at being optimistic.

“One of my failures, which comes to mind, is my attempt to be a research scientist,” she said. “I really did not feel very competent.  I learned that I did not belong in that field and that is when I decided to take the LSAT, an entrance requirement for law school.  I did not perform well the first time. I did not give up and took it again. I received a better score and was accepted into the college of law. I could have quit, but for some reason I had faith that I needed to try again. It taught me to persevere.”

Morgan-Birch said in high school her counselor advised her to get a job and get married, making her believe she wasn’t college material.

However, she wanted to go to college and got started by attending a two-year college, and eventually transferred to the University of Arizona.

Today, Morgan-Birch said it came down to being a “believe in yourself” moment, and it worked out for the best.

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