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Joni Rosen of Ada Gaffney Shaff.

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Discover the most effective skin care and anti-aging products available for men on the market today. Ada Gaffney Shaff products are all natural extracts, antioxidant-dermatologist tested, PH correct-hypoallergenic and never animal tested.

Ada Gaffney Shaff skin care products are a combination of the finest ingredients currently available for ultimate skin care that brings out a person’s natural skin qualities.

Ad Gaffney Shaff products are formulated from natural extracts and state-of-the-art ingredients to produce the most effective and the finest personal care products available.

Today, through years of testing and over 25 years of successful use by customers all over the world, Ada Gaffney Shaff products provide a proven way to look good and feel confident about protecting your skin.

Now you can remove the confusion, and the risk, in trying personal skin care products.

If you have tried, or have wanted to try, skin care products but you have been confused by all the choices, or you have been disappointed in the results, there’s a reason to try Ada Gaffney Shaff…it works, it’s not complicated and now online at

Jim McClure has made it even easier for guys to look good and feel great about their skin. Jim lives in Tucson and is the distributor for this great line of skin care products that are made in America and distributed locally by his website,

Do you need more proof that is a great product? Joni is 75 and I just turned 50 and yes, we use our product.

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