Linda LeClaire of 7e Fit Spa.

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Relax while your body gets a workout and your skin becomes rejuvenated with the revolutionary technology available at 7e Fit Spa.

The 7e Torc utilizes streams of electrical pulses that stimulate the body’s natural bio-electricity for a workout of abdominal and other muscles. The 7e Torc Plus leaves clients with a sense of wellness, vitality and increased stamina.  

Clients at 7e Fit Spa enjoy the micro-current face lift, a non-invasive process that re-educates the facial muscles thus creating a toned and youthful appearance.  The process works to multiply cells and reduce or eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.  LED light can be utilized with micro-current treatments to help eliminate acne, rosacea and other issues.

7e Torc body contouring treatments consist of proprietary waveforms  pulsing through the muscles and creating repeated deep, effective  contractions followed by a brief relaxation of the muscles. This non-invasive treatment is 150 times more effective than standard exercise and clients see results immediately.

The 7e Torc treatment flattens  the stomach, reduces cellulite on thighs, and improves posture by strengthening the core muscle groups. This  technology contours abs with clients achieving an average reduction of three inches in 30 minutes.

After one 30-minute session, clients can lose an average of three inches. After six sessions, they can lose an average of 9 inches. The 7e Torc treatment will separate the fatty tissue from the muscle tissue and initiate lymphatic drainage creating a detoxifying effect and inch loss.

This treatment is more cost effective than hiring a personal trainer.

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