Jessica Celentano
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When it comes to thinking about a future, many think about money and success. Few think they will focus solely on giving back by devoting an entire career to non-profits.

However, for Tucson resident Jessica Celentano, she couldn’t see herself doing anything other than helping others no matter what her degree is, or how much money night be offered.

Celentano, currently the community director for March of Dimes, started giving back early. In high school, Celentano, now 29, starting working with Healthy Habitats. That gave her a small taste of the bigger picture.

Once she entered Arizona State University she continued her efforts, working with Relay for Life.

“I always felt my purpose was to give back,” Celentano said. “I feel I can do more for this world with non-profits.”

Celentano is now in her third year with the March of Dimes, an organization focused on helping families with premature infants.

“If you have a rough start of life from day one, how are things going to be for you? I want to work as hard as I can to get these children on the right track,” Celentano said. “I want healthy babies and healthy pregnancies for every family.”

Celentano, who does not have children herself, said she hopes her career ends at March of Dimes.

“I want to continue helping these families and work to help March of Dimes grow in Southern Arizona,” Celentano said.

In her career, Celentano has also worked as the senior events coordinator for the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation.

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