Judy Huch is a doctor of audiology and currently has two offices in Tucson, one at Oro Valley Audiology, 2542 E. Vistoso Commerce Loop, and the second at Tanque Verde Audiology at 7255 E. Tanque Verde, Ste 131.

In her practices, she works with individuals with hearing loss and their families from the moment they come to her office.

“It takes more than just ‘selling’ hearing aids,” she said. “It takes knowing the person, where they live, what they encounter on a daily basis, what technology can help and continue to counsel and aid in making their hearing instruments the best they can be for them.”

Along with working with her patients, Huch deals with entrepreneurs and health care companies, which she thinks believe personal service and experience are not needed when fitting hearing aids.

She thinks these companies feel that this will bring the price down for amplification.  “Studies have shown that good service and a knowledgeable dispenser who takes the time to fit hearing devices properly gives the person with the hearing loss a much better chance to be successful and happy with their hearing help.”

She said it can also be detrimental to a person’s health if they buy hearing aids online as they are not tested properly, or sometimes at all, and can have a medical condition that goes undetected.

“When I entered the field in the early 90s, mostly men held the doctorate positions, many more women have increased their education in Audiology,” Huch said. “The women who were working when I entered were in positions that were not always full time and hardly ever had benefits. This has been changing as our education improved.”

She had wonderful mentors in her life from her parents to her instructors in school along with employers. They helped her decide that path that took her to where she is today, owning two of her own practices.

“It came out of the love I have in working with people and how could I use my gifts to help those around me.”

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