Holly Lyon

After serving for 26 years in the Air Force, SaddleBrooke resident Holly Lyon is looking to run for another elected office. Her other elected position was for a precinct committee. Lyon is running because she “wants to start working with everybody” in helping build the economy. Lyon’s top three priorities are infrastructure/public education, restoring pride to Arizona through improving the economy and sustainability by way of state utilities.

According to Lyon, the Medicaid expansion and economy’s overall improvement have been helpful to the region and overall state of Arizona. Lyon believes that public officials need to focus more on restoring funds to public education, transportation and infrastructure. Lyon adds that the state needs to “look forward and look at what’s happening in the state and plan for five, seven or eight years” ahead. She has volunteered for Pima County Supervisor Nancy Young Wright, Jo Holt and more. If elected she would first focus on restoring funding and assessing the revenue. She’d also like to have an ethics’ legislation passed in the legislature in effort to have public officials focus more on current issues rather than future elections. Lyon is supported by some members from the democratic club in SaddleBrooke, other Democratic clubs in the region, Quality Arizona, and other endorsements.

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