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Interviewing several agents to find the right fit plays a major role in ensuring a positive experience when buying or selling property.

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When you begin the vetting process to select a real estate agent to represent you, don’t be afraid to inundate them with questions. Buying or selling is a huge financial and emotional event, and you deserve to know that you will be receiving the very best.

One major point to clarify up front is your expectations. Let them know that you expect to have your phone call, email or text returned in a timely fashion, and that means ASAP – not two days later. Timing is incredibly important in real estate, and a lackadaisical agent can absolutely cause you to lose out on a house you want, or by not returning another agent’s call – can cause you to lose a house or a buyer for yours.

Upon your initial meeting be wary of agents who aren’t asking you questions as well (your needs are key!), or are dodging yours. Example: If you ask “Do you have a professional photographer?” and are told they think professional photos are overrated, chances are your property will end up with fuzzy cell-phone photos with your new agent half reflected in the bathroom mirror. Presenting property for sale worth hundreds of thousands of dollars deserves top notch marketing. The goal is to wow people when they first view the listing online, so they want a personal showing.

Depending on your situation, you may be working with your agent for months, and finding one who is on the same page with you and whose primary concern is your best interests is crucial to not only a successful transaction, but to a pleasant one as well.

If you are interviewing agents, we would love to show you that all agents are not the same. Give us a call at (520) 344-ACES (2237) or visit today – never an obligation to meet.

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