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Date night gone bad

The Pima County Sherriff’s Department was called to deal with one man’s serious dissatisfaction with food service after he tried to skip out on paying his bill.

The night of Monday, Nov. 28, PCSD deputies responded to Mr. An’s Japanese Restaurant just after 9 p.m. when an employee reported a disturbed customer – possibly on drugs – making a scene in the establishment. The complainant stated that the man was telling employees how to do their jobs and loudly arguing with the owner outside of the restaurant.

Upon arrival deputies made contact with the complainant, and at the same time the man in question approached authorities. 

Deputies were informed that the man has earlier entered the restaurant with a female, who was later identified as the man’s girlfriend, and ordered an appetizer, two entrees, two drinks and a bottle of wine. During the service, the man was allegedly so rude that the restaurant was forced to replace the server working the table.

After the management tried to comp the man’s bottle of wine, he grew more irate and continued to complain, the deputy indicated in his report. After a trip to the bathroom, the man allegedly left the restaurant – and his nearly $100 bill.

After speaking with the man in question, deputies ascertained that the man could not pay his bill at the time, at which point he was trespassed from the property and cited and released for Theft of Service.



vodka in the backpack is never a wise idea

One Canyon Del Oro High School student learned the hard way that brining alcohol on to campus would not be tolerated by staff, administration or the school resource officers.

Just after the lunch hour on Friday, Dec. 2 one of the school resource officers at CDO was informed by one of the assistant principals that a student was caught with a bottle of vodka hidden within his backpack.  The bottle was discovered when the student had been called into the administrative office on an unrelated matter, and the administrator asked to look into the young man’s bag.

The staff member located a half full bottle of Smirnoff vodka, which the SRO identified as the liquor based on the smell, his training and experience.

Once the discovery was verified, the student was placed under arrest for Possession of Spirituous Liquor and suspended from the high school  pending a long term suspension hearing. The bottle of alcohol was emptied and disposed.


a certain smell alerts the neighbors

One woman thought the smell from her marijuana smoking would go undetected by those living nearby her apartment, turns out the daughter of one of the neighbors was having multiple asthma attacks, prompting a call the authorities.

PCSD deputies responded to the scene around midday on Tuesday, Nov. 29 and made contact with the complainant, who reported that one of her neighbors “sits on the patio every day and smokes marijuana,” which had caused her daughter to have three asthma attacks. Worse yet, the reportee was told by the leasing office that office personnel did not know whether or not the woman had a medical marijuana card, and could not  intervene in the situation.

Deputies then made contact with the alleged smoker, who initially told authorities that no one in her unit smoked the drug. After being pressed by deputies and being told that no one would be going to jail over the marijuana, the woman admitted to having smoked earlier in the day to celebrate her birthday. Deputies then asked the woman if any more marijuana was in the house, and asked for any present to be brought out.

The woman returned and handed the deputy at the door an “airtight sealed baggie.” While she was retrieving the bag the deputy indicated in his report that he noticed children’s toys in the apartment, and asked the woman if children were present – to which she said they were at school.

The deputy told the woman that marijuana smoking in the presence of children could result in a Department of Child Safety call, and that further calls of marijuana odor from the apartment could lead to authorities obtaining a search warrant. The woman said she understood the warning and that she and her husband would have no more marijuana at the property and would no longer smoke.

The woman was cited for Unlawful Possession of Marijuana.

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