One man failed to keep his temper under control while trying to return some goods to a local Home Depot, warranting intervention from the Oro Valley Police Department.

Just before noon on Monday, Oct. 3, the manager of Home Depot in Oro Valley informed OVPD of an irate man refusing to leave the store, advising the dispatcher that the individual reportedly “became belligerent” when the manager of the store refused to take back two handheld drills.

According to the police report, when officers arrived they were informed that the man ran out of the store and entered into a smile white sedan. One officer noted in his report that “as they were saying this, a white sedan passed me” heading in the same direction indicated by dispatch.

After following the vehicle the officer initiated a stop, and was able to positively identify the man based on a description given by the store manager. In the report the officer indicated that after making contact with the man, he “could see there were [two] Dewalt drills on the passenger seat in plain view.”

When asked if the man had recently left Home Depot he reportedly told the officer that he had been to a nearby Taco Bell. When pressed further, the man continued to deny being at Home Depot.

Upon providing his identification, the officer noted in his report that during the stop the man had a “nasty attitude,” and “kept hanging his arms outside of the car.”

After matching the man with further reports from the store, the officer was able to confirm with another member of the OVPD that there was probable cause to arrest the man for disorderly conduct booking him into Pima County Jail.

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