Weaving on the roadway leads to DUI arrest

One driver’s inability to maintain his proper lane led to an officer with the Oro Valley Police Department initiating a traffic stop and discovering an intoxicated man behind the wheel.

Just before 2 a.m. the morning of Sunday, Dec. 4 a silver Nissan traveling northbound on North Oracle Road caught the attention of an OVPD officer working as part of the DUI task force. Just south of West Magee Road the officer noticed the vehicle drifting several times into both adjacent lanes. The officer initiated the stop at East Hardy Road.

Upon making contact with the driver, the officer indicated in his report that the man behind the wheel had “red, watery and bloodshot eyes” and suffered from slow speech and a flush face. The officer also indicated that the odor of intoxicants emanated from the vehicle. Furthermore, the officer soon learned that the man was driving without his license, which was issued in Mexico. The officer also learned that the vehicle did not belong to the driver, but instead to the man sitting in the passenger seat.

After running the driver through several field sobriety tests which further indicated potential intoxication, the officer conducted a preliminary breath test and received a reading of .128 blood alcohol content.

The man was then placed under arrest for DUI and driving on a suspended license, underwent a blood draw and was later released to the owner of the vehicle – who gave no indication of having drank alcohol after tests were run.


Drunken patron earns an 86 from the bar 

One man couldn’t keep a hold on his spirituous indulgences and squared off with a bartender before hightailing it out of the establishment, earning himself a ban from the restaurant.

At 10:15 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 5 one man drinking at a restaurant on the corner of West Lambert Lane and North La Canada Drive was the subject of a call to the police after assaulting the bartender and attempting to leave in his vehicle.  When officers arrived they were informed that the man had been refused service after becoming too intoxicated, refused to take a cab and attacked the bartender after being told the authorities would be called if he tried to drive his own vehicle.

The man had begun walking home after the confrontation, and officers were able to aquire his cell phone number after running the license plate on his vehicle. The man said that he was upset with the behavior of the bar staff, had been “over served” and only came after the bartender because the employee had “puffed up his chest.”

The officer explained to the man that he was trespassed from the property.


High school fight leads to pulled knife

School security and the school resource officer at Ironwood Ridge High School dealt with a schoolyard scrap leading to a brandished weapon between several students.

The morning of Tuesday, Dec. 6 around 8:00 a.m. one of the SROs stationed at IRHS was standing near school security when three female students approached to advise that another female student had just pulled a knife on them less them 20 feet from where the officer stood. 

The officer and security approached the girl in question, who initially denied having a weapon in her possession. After being told she would need to come to the administration office, the girl turned to leave, but was followed by the SRO and security. After removing the girl’s backpack, she admitted to carrying a weapon in her bag, and a three-inch, white handled folding knife was discovered. The girl was then escorted the office of one of the assistant principals.

The three witnesses filled out statements indicating that they and the suspect had been involved in a hair pulling incident, and that the suspect had then texted that she was going to kill one of the girls. The statements also indicated that the suspect had approached the three girls and told them she had a knife and threatened to stab them.

Parents were notified of the incident, and two of the three sets of guardians indicated that they would be pressing charges against the suspect, who was charged with one count of Disorderly Conduct and three counts of Threats and Intimidation.


(Editor’s Note: For more police reports, go to Explorernews.com and click “Police and Crime” under the Features tab.)

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