Police and Crime

Oro Valley

On Saturday, March 7, at about 1:32 a.m., Oro Valley police watched as a car made a left turn from Oracle Road onto Ina Road while the turn arrow was red. While talking with the driver, police noticed a strong smell of marijuana coming from the car. After a K9 unit alerted to the smell of marijuana, police searched the car and found a partially smoked brown paper cigarette filled with marijuana in the center console. The driver told police that it was probably his sister’s. He was cited and released for unlawful possession of marijuana, driving on a suspended license and failure to obey a traffic control device. The car was impounded for 30 days, and the cigarette, which weighed .045 grams, was placed into evidence.

On Friday, March 7, at about 4:17 p.m., Oro Valley police responded to the Target at 10555 N. Oracle Road in response to a shoplifting that was taking place. An employee had seen two men try to hide some knifes, a power tool and a headlamp within their clothing. Both were later found and questioned. One was arrested for shoplifting, cited and released. The other was found to have a warrant for his arrest out of Oro Valley and Justice Court 1, both for failure to appear. He was arrested and transported to the Pima County Adult Detention Center. Both were told they would be charged with trespassing if they returned to a Target store. The total value of the items that were stole was $87.97. All of the items were returned to the store.

On Thursday, March 6, at about 12:13 p.m., Oro Valley police responded to the Town of Oro Valley Water Department’s office, 11000 N. La Cañada Drive in response to two irate people in the lobby. An employee told police that two people came in and began yelling at her because their water had been shut off because their bill had not been paid. Though the employee tried to tell them why it was shut off, they continued to yell, “We have no water,” and “We’re tired of being pushed around,” according to police reports. One of the people even threatened to jump over the counter. Multiple employees of the water department asked police to prosecute the two people, who were already gone by the time police arrived, for disorderly conduct. Police filed the paper work to arrest the individuals, which also brought up a warrant for the arrest of one of them for missing court on a criminal trespassing charge.


On Tuesday, March 4, Marana police responded to a call about shoplifting at 3901 W. Costco Drive. The caller said that he saw a woman shopping and acting suspiciously so he followed her. He said he recognized the woman because she came to Costco the previous Sunday on Feb. 23 and had watched her take shampoo and some dried mangos without paying for them. He wasn’t able to stop her at that time. This time he followed her and saw her putting dried mangos and children’s clothes in her purse. She picked out other items but paid for them. The caller said he stopped her and told her he saw her take the items without paying for them. She admitted to not paying for the items. She also admitted to taking items on Feb. 23. She also said that she had been arrested a year ago for stealing.

On Monday, March 3, at 7:32 p.m., Marana police met with two people about a stolen tailgate. The caller said he drove the truck to Marana High School and parked it in the student parking area. When he parked, the tailgate was attached to the truck. When he was dismissed from school at 2:40 p.m. he realized the tailgate was stolen.

On Sunday, March 2, at about 1:10 a.m., Marana police responded to a call about a fight between two males and female at the 8300 block of North Cracker Barrel Road. The two males had no shirts on and the female had a bikini top on. The two males had scrapes on their legs and blood on their faces. One of the males was married to the female and the other male was a friend of theirs. The officer asked them to step outside the hotel lobby. The friend kept yelling and using profanity towards the other male. The friend was handcuffed and wouldn’t respond when asked what happened. The female said that she was in the hot tub at the hotel when she started feeling sick and headed back up to her room with her husband following behind. She started throwing up at the room. The friend showed up at the room and started fighting with the husband. The female showed signs of intoxication. The officer checked the room, hallway and stairs and found drops of blood in all places. In the room, the lamps were broken, mattress overturned, curtains torn, beer cans all over the room, and a marijuana pipe with residue on the desk. The other officer said that the husband didn’t realize his friend was following him. He said the friend attacked him. The husband couldn’t calm him down. The friend’s child was released from his custody and given to his friends staying at the hotel with him. The friend was arrested for disorderly conduct and assault.

On Sunday, March 2, at 1:44 p.m., Marana police responded to a call about items stolen from a car at 3901 W. Costco Drive. The car was left unlocked. The caller said he parked the car around 1 p.m. in the parking lot and went inside the shop. When he came back he saw something sprayed on the driver’s side of the car. He thinks it was WD-40. He said a 40-caliber handgun and safe were taken from the driver’s side. He said the safe was locked and had a key. The caller said that his door locks don’t work. The gun was valued at $500 and the safe at $75. Later he realized that a laptop and his wife’s set of keys were taken as well. There was no video surveillance in the area.

On Friday, Feb. 28, at 8:30 a.m., Marana police responded to a call about a theft at the 1100 block of West Ruddy Drive. The owner said that everyone left the area at 1 p.m. on Feb. 27 for a meeting. The next morning he was told by one of the workers that wiring was stolen from the residence. The wire is valued at $300.

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