Oro Valley

On Saturday, Oct. 13, at 8:05 a.m., Oro Valley police responded to a house on the 1400 block of East Ganymede Drive in response to vandalism. Police were told someone threw a pumpkin through the garage window, which caused additional damage to a 1966 Corvette parked inside. The pumpkin, which was already put in a trash can when police arrived, appeared to have hit and broken a small window on the garage door, then rolled down the driveway and into the street. There was a trail of pumpkin seeds leading from the garage, down the driveway to the middle of the street. In the garage, the newly painted car had two chips in the paint from broken glass falling on it. It is estimated that it will cost $1,000 to fix both the window and the paint on the car. 


On Saturday, Oct. 13, at about 3 a.m., Oro Valley police responded to the 12000 block of North Wayfarer Way in response to vandalism. Police were told that some time between 11 p.m. and 2:55 a.m. someone had thrown a pumpkin into his windshield. Police noticed the windshield on the car destroyed with a large circular broken area on the passenger side, with pieces of broken pumpkin all over the area of the car and ground. It is estimated the windshield will cost $250 to replace. 

On Monday, Oct. 8, at 9:42 a.m., Oro Valley police spoke over the phone with someone who lives on the 12000 block of North Brightridge Drive. The resident told police that some time between 5:45 and 7:30 a.m., someone took five decorative headstones from their yard. The items stolen were valued at a total of about $75. 


On Sunday, Oct. 7, at 9 a.m., Oro Valley police responded to a house on the 2200 block of East Stone Stable Drive in response to a barking dog. Police were told a dog had been barking all morning. Police found a dog barking at the house reported, and tried to contact someone at the house. No one answered the door, so police left their contact info at the door.

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