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Man shoots at Sheriff Deputy in northwest apartment complex

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Abril Marin

Abril Marin: Michael Albert Mesaros was my neighbor along with his father. I was one of the neighbors that called the police because I heard him moaning or crying outside after hearing the shooting and therefor thought he or his father had been shot, not that he had done the shooting, but the fact that they are charging him with attempted murder is ridiculous! I’m not saying that what he did was right by all means, shooting inside a community is wrong and he’s lucky no one got hurt!, but there’s no way that he shot the police cruiser on purpose. I’m pretty sure it’s known that the bullets ricocheted around the parking lot where actually our own vehicle along with a few others were hit and the gym/office too. I know and believe he didn’t aim at the police cruiser. Also being one if the neighbors I saw that when the police finally arrived at the scene, Michael was already in his apartment with all the lights turned of for at least 15 min, probably unaware of the damaged, so I don’t think that the police cruiser that was hit was actually there responding to the shooting but there by coincidence and happened to land in the line of fire (unfortunately). Yes what he did was wrong. But he is not a murderer and my family and I and my own young son were his neighbors and know enough about him to know that this was a horrible accident. My 6 year old son considered Michael a friend and really took to his kind heart as did i, to the point where i trusted him enough to be part of our “emergency plan” incase something ever were to happen to me or his grandparents. He was under the influence of alcohol that evening and it affected his judgment plus I know he’s going through hardships with his daughter and her mother, whom he love so deeply, he was more than likely emotionally unstable that evening. Still I’m not excusing him for the shooting but he was NOT ATTEMPTING TO MURDER ANYONE. I know the law is going to be tougher on him for the fact the there are officers involved and giving any other situation or had it been a regular car with regular people in it then I’m sure things would be different and probably wouldn’t have even been headline news. Sadly for Michael that’s not be case. I just really hope and pray with all my heart that he doesn’t end up paying for this locked away for most of his life. He’s not one of those horrible, dark hearted, criminals that deserve to be locked away. He made a stupid mistake, that thank god, didn’t end up with someone getting hurt. He’s not a bad person. All I can do is pray that he learns from this and that he gets some great judge that sees this as it really is. A bad mistake or a bad decision but with out any intent what so ever to hurt others. In all an accident or coincidence when it came to the police officers involved. Micheal you are in our thoughts and prayers and we wish you much luck.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013, 12:57 pm

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